Survival Last Day on Earth: Survival (MOD, Coins/Durability/Crafting)

Last Day on Earth: Survival (MOD, Coins/Durability/Crafting)

  • Publisher: Kefir!
  • Version: 1.17 b566
  • Category: Survival
  • Size: 262M
  • Update: June 13, 2020 at 3:40 am
  • Available at: Google Play


Did you watch The Walking Dead? What if the zombie disaster happens? Come to Last Day on Earth: Survival. This is the best role-playing survival game on mobile that you can find now.

In many of the world’s most apocalyptic themes, the most popular is the battle against zombies. Perhaps their attraction lies in the fact that they are alienated from the possibility that any person could attach themselves to them. However, there are common points that you can still see in all the zombie people think. Crowded, persistent, unconscious and can infect all bitten organisms. That does meet the convenience of being a tough enemy for years in a row. It seems like it has become a brand image for developers to exploit freely.

A hard survival game and authentic

Last Day on Earth: Survival is definitely an idea game from the subject that is already well known in the gaming community. The game’s players are interested in this topic everyone knows. Today, the brand has achieved over 50 million downloads worldwide for Android users. Recently, it continues to operate actively with regular updates weekly.

Survive the zombie pandemic

First of all, let’s talk about Last Day on Earth: Survival. Apparently, when listening to this title will think of a world filled with zombies continually threatening your life. Players will have to run away or find a way to fight, not let yourself be turned into that freaking monster. Choose yourself and build your own image. You are allowed to choose gender, appearance, and facial features like other RPGs. Besides, when entering the game, there will be countless costumes for players to choose. from Make your character in the game as your own and do not forget that the equipment has its own power.

Pick up things, build and fight

With analog joystick and operation buttons on the screen. Build a small house, a few means of transportation and weapons to survive in this chaotic world. Equipment to fight and survive can be found throughout the battle, and you can also craft them in your inventory. Even if you have the heavy equipment, do not forget to bring the backpack as much as food and drink. Also, the latest updates in the game will be a completely new event called “Police Station.” In this new event, you will be allowed to break into a police station and the people who have turned into zombies. Kill them all and follow the sequence of tasks that it takes to get new rewards.

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival now

In this updated version, players are also faced with many new enemies. They have a far more special ability and seem to be related to the ongoing event. Mutated police officers and prisoners, or freaks from the department. Last but not least, there are armored zombies with shields that are turned on cyclically, making your experience much more difficult. The jackpot mode is also updated so you can test your luck in non-combat free time. The only barrier is that you spend enough time and money to invest in this game of chance.

What’s new in version 1.14.4?

  • New event “Mercenaries’ Camp”
  • Use mercenaries as a tool to kill zombies. Discover the inner strength of every mercenary


  • Free craft and construction;
  • Infinite skill points (you can spend them in the negative);
  • Division of single things;
  • Eating any food quenches hunger and thirst;

After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod, which has the following options:

  • The division of objects increases their number;
  • Open all crafting recipes (regardless of character level);
  • Instant walking on a global map (events do not appear without a waste of energy);
  • Immortality;
  • High damage;
  • Fast walk;
  • Mobs stand still.
  • The mod does not work on multiplayer locations! For entering them with hacking, the game can ban you!

    MOD V2?

    – MOD MENU– Free crafting and construction (does not work in PvP zones, including Sector 7);– Free update– All recipes are open– Fast crafting on Workbench– Duplication of single items– When split resources, their number increases– Durability weapon– Instant travel on foot on the map– Unlocked all events on the global map– Unlimited food– Boost, x2 HP and other

    How to install? OBB path “Android /obb/zombie.survival.craft.z“ LIB patch “Android/data/zombie.survival.craft.z/lib“Important!

    • If you are already playing the mod and want to continue where you left off, install the new version mod apk file without deleting the old mod version.
    • Also, to back up your progress just in case, copy the “zombie.survival.craft.z” folder in your Android/data and paste it to a different location on your device.
    • To log in and synchronize with your Facebook, Google account, you need to root and use Lucky Patcher

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