App Name KUNI Cam
Publisher GinnyPix
Genre Apps
Size 64.8MB
Latest Version 1.26.3
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update September 5, 2021

KUNI Cam drastically speeds up editing with 190+ pre-made filters and keeps all the original content people feed in. These data will be permanent so that you can edit them at any time

Currently, many shooting applications meet you with other needs together. For pretty young girls, they want to use requests that make their faces cuter. Only for apps like Camera 360, B612, Ulike, … Everything has become extremely eye-catching. If you want to take a photo with a bit of nostalgia, you can find Huji Cam, Kuji Cam, “KUNI Cam”, …

Create beautiful photos and videos with a vintage touch
The publisher GinnyPix has been very skillful in creating an ecosystem of products for film photography. Kuji Cam and “KUNI Cam” are two of the most successful applications. KUNI Cam has only recently been released, but it has also received praise from many users. It has even been recommended by many photographer forums for their members. Both amateur and amateur photographers can use “KUNI Cam” to meet their passion. Although this application requires you to use a little money to buy to be able to use it, the fee that is really worth it, sometimes, publishers will cut prices and even free them. But if you want to be completely free, you can download it right on our website.

Selective from the most representative comments on Google Play, We have a few compliments for applications such as beautiful color filters, natural light effects, and sensory nostalgia effects. A unique feature here is that the photos you take with your smartphone seem like shooting with analog cameras. If it’s not professional photographers, it’s hard to tell the difference.
In fact, its user interface is exactly the same as other photography applications. When you access the app, you will be taken to the main screen with the built-in camera. If a moment needs to be saved immediately, quickly press the shutter button in the middle of the screen. Of course, it depends on the RAM of each different phone. But this application has optimized image capture speed so the delay will not be too much. If you have more time to look at it, add in the different features. They are clearly displayed on the screen with easy-to-understand examples. As long as you have a little artistic sense, you can choose the exact filter that suits the moment. But really, it is not necessary that it only takes a little effort to edit. In essence, if you choose the right filter, after taking a picture, you still have to adjust it a bit to
With a system of 190 filters, Dust filters, Color filters, … and many other side effects, users can customize their photos in any direction they like. You can even add depth to your pictures by adding 3D effects and glitch. When you finish taking a picture, you always want to save the moment when you captured it. With the day stamps effect, you can use it now in real time. Or sometimes, if you want your photo to become something old, please add fake stamp date.