App Name KMPlayer Plus
Publisher PANDORA.TV
Genre Apps
Size 63.4MB
Latest Version 31.08.120
Get it On PlayStore Link
Update August 31, 2021

Listening to music and watching videos is what many people use for entertainment because of what it can bring. People can listen to music to relax their minds, or watch entertaining videos for fun. Most people use the most is a mobile device because of the convenience it brings to users. Listening to good music is to watch videos with the best quality; users need a tool to do that. The application can support users well in this entertainment; it is KMPlayer Plus – a music and video player. The application gives users a wealth of features and tools for users to experience the best things.

This application is similar to many other players, it is straightforward, and anyone can use it. First of all, the user needs to download the application to use it; after downloading, it needs to be installed. Once all has been completed, it is ready to go. Users need to open the application; it will automatically scan to find the device’s video and audio files. After a while, the app will finish its search, and what it finds is put into the app’s directory. Users need to start the application to see all that they need in the application. Users need to choose what they want to see or listen to, and the application will automatically play what the user requested. This application will not support the download, so users need to look for them at some reputable internet sites to download.
Support music and video
Many applications also have similar functions on the market, but they have a difference that only supports one of the two. Those apps only support video or music, and if you want to use both, you’ll need to download two. This causes a lot of hassle and takes up a lot of memory to store both. But if the user chooses this application, then with only one application, he can get what he needs. Users do not need to spend a lot of time downloading many applications, but everything is present in the application with just one thing.
High-quality support
Good songs are divided into many different qualities; for example, there are 360P or 4Km in the video, and 320kbps or lossless music. Often other applications can only support up to several popular types are Full HD or HD, and music will have 320kbps or more a little. But for this application, everything is maximum; the application can support watching videos at 4K resolution, listening to music with LOSSLESS quality. Things that other applications cannot do; this application can do it easily for users to experience. There is no decrease in resolution when using this app to watch videos or losing quality while listening to music. All will be kept at the original level to bring out the best for users.