Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush Origins

Ironhide Games
Name Kingdom Rush Origins
Publisher Ironhide Games
Category Tower Defense
Version 5.6.14
Size 254M
Requires Android 4.2 Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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About Kingdom Rush OriginsKingdom Rush debuted on the game website and unexpectedly gained a great deal of popularity due to the game's ta...
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About Kingdom Rush Origins

Kingdom Rush debuted on the game website and unexpectedly gained a great deal of popularity due to the game’s tactical gameplay and architectural depth. It encourages players to be creative with their moves. Following the improvements, Ironhide Studio has released a series of four Kingdom Rush games with significantly altered tactics and visuals.


There are not too many distinctions; in Kingdom Rush Origins, players protect the castle by erecting defense towers in strategic positions. Utilize gold to upgrade your tower’s units to more potent versions with unique powers. The game provides you with four primary towers, including the Archer, whose assault speed and range are both exceptional.

Barrack trains three different sorts of soldiers so that they can serve as a shield for the team, thereby preventing the enemy from advancing. The Mage tower can cast unique spells and has the potential to penetrate foes. Stone Circle inflicts a substantial amount of damage, destroying a large number of weak opponents.

Additionally, you receive 2 free skills and 1 skill of the hero you’re using. Reinforcements and thunder are the initial two skills available to you. With “reinforcements,” you’ll be able to activate a limited number of soldiers armed with potent weaponry to fight and resist the enemy. With “Thunder,” you’ll generate massive waves of lightning that deal continual damage to a large number of foes in range. Both talents are free to use, but have lengthy cooldowns, so you must know when to employ them.


Kingdom Rush Origins includes a total of 15 primary levels, and after completing level 15, you will engage in elite quests to better comprehend the game. Every level contains three modes. Mode 1 is the fundamental mode, in which the plot is mostly unaltered. Mode 2 vs. 3 is the challenge mode, with an increased level of difficulty for those who enjoy a challenge.

The fact that the level system prohibits players from “cheating” is one of my favorite features. You can use improvements from your gold star, but the defensive tower will not be deployed until you fulfill the level need. To unlock the Arcane Archer, for example, you must reach level 4. Even though you own this tower, you are unable to utilize it until you reach level 4. This makes the game somewhat more balanced and prevents it from concluding too rapidly.


The store in Kingdom Rush Origins provides us with heroes and enhancements. In addition to the five basic heroes, you can purchase more heroes with unique statistics, abilities, and interactions. However, in my opinion, no hero is the most powerful, and the default heroes can be effective if employed. Please consider it if you plan on purchasing a new hero.

There are a total of six power-ups available throughout the game. They cost diamonds to acquire. Through quests, you can collect items. Each level concludes with a diamond reward. The defeat of powerful monsters (elite monsters) may also yield gems. I shall examine these augmentations in greater detail:

  • The Wrath of Elynie, when activated, generates a gigantic wave of green energy that deals massive damage to all foes on the map. Useful when slaying a large number of enemies that you are unable to handle on your own.
  • Set up a defensive tower that will shoot a fireball at an attacker, causing true damage. It is able to target aerial foes.
  • The effect of Horn of Heroism is limited in scope. When utilized, all units and structures inside the affected region are immune to damage, and your army deals double damage. When there are heroes, barracks, and assistance soldiers in the region, this is a very effective combo.
  • Transfer Scroll: Choose a small location, and after a brief delay, teleport the target foe to a short distance. When powerful monsters attack your home, this is useful. Utilize it to save time.
  • When you use the Hand of Midas, your gold and jewels will be duplicated and gathered within 15 seconds. When combined with Wrath of Elynie, the opponent is totally destroyed, and the wealth you collect is enormous.
  • Similar to Teleport Scroll, but for the entirety of the map.


Don’t get wrong! I’m not talking Wikipedia. In Kingdom Rush Origins, there is a book titled Encyclopedia that contains all of the game’s knowledge about heroes, monsters, magic, and the tactical films available on the game’s homepage. Examining and assessing the strengths and shortcomings of each unit will be of great assistance in later levels. You will have more control over the location of towers, as well as the sort of building you construct to combat dangerous foes. This book contains all of the necessary advice. This is a significant advantage for the game, as I rarely encounter a feature like this in other games.

You can also try other games like Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Plants vs. Zombies 2.

Some tips

Despite the fact that my post has covered about 40 percent of the game’s material, I’d still like to give the following strategies so that you can face the final monster with ease:

  • Typically, the Archer is the unit capable of dealing the greatest damage and maintaining a consistent DPS throughout the game, hence this house is my top choice for a location near the enemy’s front line.
  • The Mage tower fires quite slowly, but its projectiles may break armor, and subsequent improvements will make the Mage tower extremely potent. I would suggest placing them behind Archer but in front of Barrack.
  • A defensive unit is the Barrack. Even though there are only three individuals, their stamina is so strong that they can fight off an elite monster until the end of the attack. Typically, I will position this tower in the center, next to the Archer and Mage towers, in order to repel the enemy.
  • The Stone Circle inflicts a moderate amount of damage, but its damage is dispersed across a wide area, making it ideal for killing a large group of weak creatures. I suggest constructing this home near the Barracks or adjacent to the Mage. When coupled with Barrack, Mage Spell may deal massive damage to a large number of foes.
  • Use your skills as often as possible, as they do not consume your resources. Especially while facing off against powerful enemies at lower levels.
  • Even after death, Hero’s Ultimate can be utilized. Utilize this opportunity.

MOD APK version of Kingdom Rush Origins

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Instead of having to start from zero, you will start the game with an available amount.

How to use

After starting the game, select Slot 0 to enter the game. You will have lots of diamonds to use.

Download Kingdom Rush Origins MOD & APK for Android

Kingdom Rush Origins is an excellent game by Ironhide. The plot is a precursor to Kingdom Rush, but not so that the game is older. Vivid graphics, new interactions, new skills and profound storylines have contributed to the Kingdom Rush universe’s grandeur and meaning. If you love tower defence games, this is a game you cannot ignore.

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