Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Ironhide Games
Name Kingdom Rush Frontiers
Publisher Ironhide Games
Category Strategy
Version 5.6.14
Size 212M
Requires Android 4.2 Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about Kingdom Rush FrontiersA venue for demonstrating expertise in tower defense tactics.Why did I choose Kingdom Rush Frontiers?Kingdom Rush Frontiers is an ...
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Introduce about Kingdom Rush Frontiers

A venue for demonstrating expertise in tower defense tactics.

Why did I choose Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is an Ironhide Games-published defense strategy game. The concept of constructing towers, tower defense, forming formations, and deploying men to resist enemy assaults is no longer unusual. Not saying this to promote or anything. However, when playing Kingdom Rush Frontiers, you will feel both familiar and odd in comparison to other games of the same genre.

Strange with countless rounds and constantly moving things on the screen

Yes. Even while you are preoccupied with anything else, it remains perpetually in motion. If you are familiar with the slow play style of Plants vs. Zombies or the hardstyle of the Defense series, you will notice that Kingdom Rush Frontiers has a fast-paced screen with a variety of viewpoints and constantly shifting and transforming game rounds. There are no stationary objects in Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Even if you are concerned with a different approach, the world is always in motion, and as a result, your mind is voluntarily and joyously in motion as well.

For instance, dragons appear in an early scenario in which the invaders rush onto the path leading to the city’s core. Endlessly, dragons in the sky fire arrows in all directions at the opponent. No matter what else you are doing at the time or how many troops you are deploying, the battlefield is always thrilling.

The defense strategy also needs to be different

Your primary responsibility could not be any more conventional. It serves to defend your kingdom against the violent assaults of dangerous monsters. They are not restricted to a small number of opponents wearing caps, clothing, and armor. However, there are numerous varieties of creatures in this region. Monsters such as orcs, goblins, and gigantic beasts continue to appear.

Simply engage in play, and you will be exposed to the most frightening beasts. From the bizarre subordinates with innumerable numbers to the incredibly skilled and long-lived bosses in combat, everyone is a freak. There are even a great deal of odd ones. They can sprint with lightening speed, have the capacity to fly like a dragon, and have a high health total.

Consequently, your tower defense tactics in each battle will vary. For example, in order to defeat the giants, you must organize all of your men and fight them individually. As for a big number of foes, allow the fire dragon to spit out fast kills, and you will quickly win.

The construction process of the fortress

You cannot just attack and defend with human and dragon might in Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Additionally, you must continually construct fortifications and huge and small watchtowers to stop the enemy’s enormous assault prior to defeating them.

The laborious work is coming. In fact, this is the essence of this game’s beauty, in my opinion. This prevents the defense from being passive. Instead of simply waiting for the opponent to arrive, we actively create “scenes” and “trap” them.

Moreover, now is the opportunity to demonstrate your tactical knowledge. It is not intended to be left alone or placed anyplace. The stronghold has a restricted amount of soldiers and sphere of influence. Therefore, we must position them so that we can repel the greatest number of enemy troops, and so that they must use the greatest amount of time attacking the stronghold prior to facing our warriors.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers has four distinct building types (optional). Each class possesses a unique ability. Archer Tower, Militia Barracks, Mage Tower, and Dwarven Bombard are the four elements that make the game successful.

Each time you defeat a monster in combat, you will win gold coins. This gold is used for fortification upgrades. After each upgrade, the fortress’s strength and look will rise and alter, respectively. Therefore, the natural beauty of fortifications and watchtowers is increased further.

In addition to gold coins, victories also result in experience points for the player. You may upgrade the fixed combat statistics of your troops and defenses.

Epic hero forces

Fortresses and watchtowers have the function of discouraging the adversary and consuming their forces on the approach to attack. But that is not adequate. Many types of opponents can easily pass through the fortress, either because the fortresses were not positioned correctly or because there are still a great number of monsters that can breach the barrier and advance. Then what shall we do? We will need heroes.

This courageous troop is the key piece of the kingdom’s defense, its final and most potent reserve. Throughout the course of the game, you can position your heroes in certain positions to assist you in battle. Prior to the enemy infiltrating the fortress, you must eliminate them by capitalizing on each individual’s strengths, utilizing an agile formation, and employing a flexible battle strategy.

The heroes can be upgraded after a successful battle. The higher the level, the better the probability of victory, the larger the damage, and the greater the amount of battle experience. If you’re a fan of the Kingdom Rush series, we have numerous games for you to choose from, including Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Origins.

Exciting game mode

Kingdom Rush Frontiers consists of a variety of stages. Each stage will feature three levels: easy, normal, and difficult. In addition, this game features challenging special stages for those who wish to demonstrate their outstanding abilities. These stages emerge at random on the map, and if you complete them, the prizes are several times more than usual.

Graphics and sound

The 2D graphics of Kingdom Rush Frontiers have a simple, bold, hand-drawn design with gorgeous nostalgic colors. Everything that appears before your eyes is miniature, from heroes and monsters to castles, watchtowers, and the surrounding background. Each level possesses a unique color and perspective. On this background, however, there are also outstanding visual effects that are vivid, energetic, and very arresting. You will quickly become addicted to these type of visuals after playing it. It resembles a girl who, at first glance, appears to be a bit plain, but, upon closer inspection, reveals a great deal of charm and, above all, a great deal of personality and depth. With Kingdom Rush Frontiers, playing again and over again is never tedious.

The entire conflict transpires in a calm and somewhat melodic setting. Again, so odd, you agree? However, the climax is always accompanied by a new piece of fast-paced music that represents the intensity of the conflict. The sound effects of the battle at the fortress and the hero’s attacks on the boss are unmatched by any other furious combat you’ve ever witnessed.

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD APK for Android

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download Kingdom Rush Frontiers MOD APK for Android

Finally, it is such an excellent tower defense game with attractive retro graphics and engaging sounds. It has traditional gameplay that can fully exploit the player’s strategic abilities, taking everything to a higher level with a series of strange points from small to large. I must give 9/10 points to this game.

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