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Introduce about IncrediboxWhat is Incredibox?If you search for "Incredibox" on YouTube, you're likely to come across some music with tens of millions of views. What is Incredibox...
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Introduce about Incredibox

What is Incredibox?

If you search for “Incredibox” on YouTube, you’re likely to come across some music with tens of millions of views. What is Incredibox, after all? This is a music game published in France by So Far So Good. Originally published on the website in 2011, the game quickly gained popularity. Then, just a few years ago, mobile versions for Android and iOS were released.

Incredibox is a user-friendly application that enables you to easily produce your own music. Drag and drop symbols onto the beatboxers at the top of the screen to create music tracks in the game.

How to play Incredibox?

By dragging and dropping icons, Incredibox enables you to build unique beatbox tracks. The game has an eight-member beatboxing group. Drag and drop the icons from the bottom of the screen into a beatboxer of your choice. They’ll repeatedly play the same tune. By blending melodies in unconventional ways, you can create a music that is uniquely yours. To delete a song, tap and hold the beatboxer. He’ll be replaced with a beatboxer without a tune.

Completing a song enables you to discover new melodies and styles, which will enrich the diversity of your song. You should experiment with each melody to determine which one best fits the song you’re composing. Additionally, the game provides you with various additional character costumes. Additionally, you can remix popular songs using Incredibox. You are welcome to attempt!

Choose your music style

The game currently features eight distinct musical styles. Are you a fan of contemporary, traditional, or Latin American design? The following are details regarding Incredibox’s eight musical styles:

  • Alpha: The game’s first musical edition. Let your imagination run wild with the game’s distinctive melodies.
  • This theme was inspired by hip-hop music, Little Miss. Satisfied, Little Miss, and Why This World have all won awards for their work with this theme.
  • Sunrise: Pop music was the inspiration for this song. Lil’Child, Dance, and Sunrise are some of the incentives.
  • The Love: French house music was the inspiration for this track. Baby, Follow, and Eagle are examples of rewards.
  • Brazil: music from the country. Felicidade, Chegou, and Musica are all available as incentives.
  • Alive: Japanese music was the inspiration for this song. Alive, Busta, and VR are all rewards.
  • Jeevan is influenced by Indian music. Kofitez, Sapna, and Kabikabi are all rewards for this theme.
  • Cyberpunk-Inspired Dystopia The Riviera is the one added benefit.

Share your music with everyone

Incredibox is a music social network that allows players to share their mixes. According to the number of likes and views, that song may rank among the game’s top 50 most memorable tracks. The author’s name and country are included beneath the song’s title. When a user accesses the Playlist, they can view and enjoy your songs. Additionally, you may save your music videos and share them on popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and  Tik Tok. Numerous Incredibox tracks have surpassed ten million views on YouTube. Do you wish to set a new record using your musical abilities?

Download Incredibox APK free for Android

Music is an indispensable part of life. It helps our lives to be more colorful and emotional. Besides, music can also connect souls between people, regardless of skin color, language or gender. Incredibox is a beatbox app that helps you create your own unique music. This game is easy to play, regardless of age. Lots of hit songs have been created thanks to Incredibox. On YouTube and social networks, these songs have a viewership that is not inferior to popular songs.
The game gives you a very unique musical and visual experience. Currently, it is used by many schools around the world as a music teaching tool. You can also use this game to teach kids how to make a piece of music, stimulate their creativity.

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