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Size 26.4MB
Latest Version 9.0.15
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Update September 12, 2021

Digital images are made up of countless different pixels, and they are categorized into different formats every time photographers work with them. Image files are often inconsistent with one format and instead are divided into many different formats that are compatible with various tools or applications. Many people often have problems converting the image format because their applications or tools are not compatible with the current format. If you are looking for a tool to quickly convert image formats with just one button, Image Converter will be what you need. It is intelligently and flexibly programmed, allowing users to import any photo they like and export them in the format they need.

Image Converter is a tool to help users convert image formats, so its function is simple and requires an interface to display everything. The application has a simple and user-friendly interface, with a standard design and features customization. Many tools have only one function, so they often do not focus on developing interfaces for users to experience. But Image Converter is different, as it focuses on developing the simplest possible interface, helping users work efficiently, and finding images in no time. Although Image Converter does not have many advanced functions, its interface ensures that users can master all the functions.

Image Converter is considered one of the powerful tools for photographers because its image processing ability is outstanding and reliable. Many people often want to look for specific formats for their projects, but only Image Converter can handle the format conversion. The application can import any image format and export the product under more than 200 image formats; whatever image format the user needs, it all available in the app. Importing images is simple when the user can use a bubble with a + symbol, which retrieves the image’s address to be converted. Furthermore, the application will automatically display all the user’s photos in the home memory, including the user’s recent photos.
Image Converter can convert images quickly if connected to WiFi, whether batch converting or images with large capacity. Through the Internet connection, users can integrate with other photo cloud storage from external sources. Once integrated, all photos saved on cloud data will be displayed on the user’s device even if not downloaded. However, when the user converts the images on the cloud drive, the application will prioritize the download and then convert and automatically save in the user’s memory. Image Converter ensures its convenience as the user doesn’t need to load all the work into the device’s physical memory.

Many photographers often work with different image formats or with multiple images at once. Many people find it inconvenient to convert each image manually, so Image Convert will have a batch convert feature for users. However, it can only hold a maximum of 5 images per transfer, and users can have a single image format for all of them. If the user needs an image to be converted into many different formats, they need to batch pick the necessary formats in the converter menu. The application will automatically create copies but with the selected format. That feature will help users save time, converting a large number of images, even create many different copies for work
Image Converter not only helps users convert all image formats to necessary options, but it also combines with a simple photo editor. While the photo editor is inferior to professional applications, it has the essential functionality to create an image for conversion. Users can resize, adjust resolution, crop, copy, enlarge, rotate, insert, etc. All the basic functions commonly found in other photo editors will be mentioned in this application. Of course, converting the image will not completely change the original format of the image. It will create an alternate copy, avoiding the original image’s quality effects after conversion.

Many photographers or other fields frequently work with files of special formats, including images or videos. Some applications are only compatible with a single image format because of their structure, so users will need a special tool to convert image formats. Image Converter can confidently become a powerful tool for professional photographers, as it supports more than 200 image formats and many other fascinating functions. Users can also integrate with cloud storage, easily convert photos even without directly downloading them.