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iFlix: Movie watching app for all familiesiFlix and its localization strategyThis app currently has a total user base of more than 3 million. iFlix's aim from the start has been ...
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iFlix: Movie watching app for all families

iFlix and its localization strategy

This app currently has a total user base of more than 3 million. iFlix’s aim from the start has been at young customers, and as a result, the application’s content and films are similarly youthful. Particularly extremely localized, which is something that established worldwide pay-movie companies like Netflix cannot achieve.

Subtitles are a significant factor in large-scale film applications. This is also critical for the localization at iFlix that I discussed previously. At the moment, iFlix offers popular subtitles in the markets it serves, which include Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, English, and Vietnamese.

Vietnam is iFlix’s tenth market. The application is currently available in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Brunei. The service’s fine-tuned English subtitles indicate iFlix’s commitment to its users.

iFlix with a risk-push strategy but effective

iFlix’s account usage limits are flexible, allowing customers to comfortably view movies and simply share accounts with family and friends. Specifically, an iFlix account can be accessed on five separate devices, each of which is capable of downloading and saving up to one week’s worth of content. This is an excellent way to appease users.

The movie store is still developing, but expect more interesting things in the future

iFlix now boasts a sizable selection of movies and television shows, which is projected to grow in the future. Of course, it is not comparable to Netflix at the moment, but certain countries offer a diverse selection of film favorites. This is another illustration of iFlix’s effective localization strategy.

Along with popular films, iFlix copyrighted its own exclusive shows and films, including Mr. Robot, Flash, Fargo, Emerald City, and Goblin. They have partnered with renowned studios in the Asian market to assure the earliest possible release of the newest, hottest films.

You can also try PLAYit and VIU Extra application available on  APKZARA.

Easy registration, flexible use, and convenient payment

IFlix is currently providing a free 30-day trial. If you’re delighted with the service, you can select for monthly or yearly subscription packages to continue watching your favorite movies. Additionally, payment in iFlix is flexible, with credit cards, phone cards, and even electronic wallets accepted.

iFlix is also platform-agnostic. You can watch movies on iOS, Android, and web platforms regardless of the platform. Anyone who owns a Chromecast device can broadcast it to a television using the smartphone app or directly from the app store on today’s smart TVs.

AI helps you filter movies carefully, recommend properly and reliably for parent

One of the primary worries of parents when it comes to movie player apps is that content is automatically selected, recommended, and filtered according to the child’s age. This AI function in iFlix performs admirably. The majority of films are well-illustrated and age-rated, and AIs will filter them before they are turned into user suggestions.

MOD APK version of iFlix

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download iFlix MOD APK for Android

Compared to Netflix, it must be recognized that iFlix still loses in many aspects. For example, the movie store is not as diverse and huge, the speed of updating new movies is also slower than Netflix. But in return, the low price, the localization approach, diverse forms of payment, sharing multiple devices for one account, interface, and the ultimate film filtering capabilities have created its position on the app store.
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