News If You’re Moving In to Your First Place, Here’s What Your Kitchen...

If You’re Moving In to Your First Place, Here’s What Your Kitchen Needs

When I moved in to my first apartment, I knew what bedding I wanted and how I would arrange the throw pillows on my couch, but I had no idea what to do about the kitchen. Having lived with a mom who’s arguably the best cook I knew made me feel a little bit better when I went food shopping, as I’d spent my life watching her in the kitchen, but I still felt a bit bewildered. It got so bad that I had to leave Williams Sonoma when shopping for pots and pans. There are so many different options for what feels like kitchen basics, and I just didn’t know what to do. So, if you’re looking to stock up your own brand-new kitchen, I’ve complied a list of the 15 items you absolutely need, whether you’re a proficient chef or can barely boil an egg.

What do I consider to be absolutely necessary for a kitchen? Well, silverware, glasses, plates, and bowls all fit that list. I also think having a can opener and wine opener will always be good. Plus, mixing bowls are great for baking, making pasta, and creating salads. If you feel overwhelmed by all your options, just keep reading to shop our edited picks.