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ibis Paint X

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Name ibis Paint X
Package jp.ne.ibis.ibispaintx.app
Publisher Ibis Inc.
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Version 9.4.2
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Requires Android 4.1
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Introduce about ibis Paint XIt's never been easier or more convenient to create anime cartoons.Ibis Paint X raised an art passionYou may not be aware, but there is a group of p...
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Introduce about ibis Paint X

It’s never been easier or more convenient to create anime cartoons.

Ibis Paint X raised an art passion

You may not be aware, but there is a group of people in our world known as animators. Doraemon, Totoro, Conan, and Lucky Luke have embraced you throughout your youth, courtesy of animators’ golden hands. And now, if you share their love or want to try your hand at this vibrant field of painting, you may download this Ibis Paint X program and give it a try.

We are the fortunate generation. Thankfully, with the direction of predecessors, it is possible to inherit a love that has been evoked for a long period of time, and fortunately, there are numerous instruments to assist in learning and working from A-Z. To be honest, an animated drawing app like ibis Paint X surprised me.

Ibis Paint X is a specialist application for drawing many styles of anime, manga, and animation characters. Everything you thought you needed to draw in the past, such as paper, pencil, brush, eraser, ruler, shelf, scanner, and reference color palette… Now, the entire world of materials is accessible through a single app. And the transition from offline to online tools takes roughly 1-2 days.

You will be more excited if you know how powerful Ibis Paint X’s features

The first is a pair of immaculately clean, smooth measuring rulers. Of course, the electronic rulers in the app are precise and unaffected by interference variables such as human eye condition, light source used for sketching, ruler material, etc. This set of rulers in a variety of forms, sizes, and units promises to assist you in quickly and easily creating sharp lines for your designs.

Stabilizers in Ibis Paint X are also quite useful, assisting users in creating smooth lines, curved lines, straight lines, and multicolor curves. This stage saves users considerable time.

You can also try other apps like PhotoDirector.

Professional layer division tool

Layering is critical in animation. It will dictate the character’s quality, depth, and liveliness. And to accomplish this on paper, you’ll need to determine how to divide the front and rear color arrays, appropriately assigning color to the regions with multiple shadows. When you use Ibis Paint X, the layer separation is taken care of automatically. Simply draw the first line. If directed properly, the animation will be extremely rich and vibrant.

Following layering, you begin mixing the color. This is a very difficult step for individuals who are new to animation drawing. Ibis Paint X features a variety of color settings, making it the equivalent of a dedicated drawing application on your computer. Ibis Paint X’s ink colors are sufficiently sharp, and the color-coding is unambiguous, avoiding the usual error of hand-drawn mode.

As you surely already know, one of the “heirloom secrets” of Manga animation is the iconic “Manga color coating.” Each series has a distinct color scheme. Ibis Paint X enables you to accomplish this with minimal effort or digging. A completed drawing that has been gone through this “Manga coloring” process will come to life and appear very Manga.

Finally, when you’re finished, you may save the image as a soft copy, email it, save it to the group’s drive, or even post it on social media with a single click.

MOD APK version of ibis Paint X

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download ibis Paint X MOD APK for Android

We are a lot happier now than the previous generation, aren’t we? All of the above-mentioned stages, in addition to passion, must also possess a huge amount of knowledge and outstanding skills to be able to undertake all of them. That is why we see the Ghibli artists work hard in the studio month after month, day and night. Not to mention the creativity that each artist pours into each line, each frame is endless. I am wondering if I was born at that time, how would I continue this passionate path.

What's Latest New ibis Paint X

[Fixed Bugs]- Fixed bugs related to palm rejection of the standard Android stylus.[New Features in ver.9.2.0 & ver.9.2.1]- Added the Cloud Storage feature.- Added the Canvas Paper feature.- Added "Levels Adjustment" and "Replace Color" to the "Adjust Color" filter category.- Added "Bevel (Outer)" to the "Style" filter category.- Added "Color Range" to the Selection tool.For more details please see the News in our website.https://ibispaint.com/historyAndRights.jsp?newsID=27495706

Well, that’s what I thought to myself. Forget me. You just need to download ibis Paint X  HOSTZFEVER and use it right away. I wish you all to draw your own lovely, beautiful frames and your favorite Manga characters.

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