Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World

Ubisoft Entertainment
Name Hungry Shark World
Package com.ubisoft.hungrysharkworld
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Action
Version 4.7.0
Size 134M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introducing Hungry Shark WorldAnother action-packed summer is quickly approaching. This is the season for outdoor activities, when people frequently vacation and unwind following a year of ...
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Introducing Hungry Shark World

Another action-packed summer is quickly approaching. This is the season for outdoor activities, when people frequently vacation and unwind following a year of intense work. Have you thought through your options? If not, join APKZARA on an adventure to discover wide blue beaches, coral reefs, and vibrant fish. However, hold your horses! This trip will be unique in that you will take on the role of a hungry shark in the Hungry Shark World.

Eat everything

The player was not unfamiliar with the Hungry Shark series. You will convert into a shark in this game, and your primary objective will be to maintain life. Your shark is constantly on the verge of becoming suffocating. As a result, you must exert control over the shark to ensure that it consumes everything possible.

Hungry Shark World will provide you with the most bizarre sensations. You can chew and swallow virtually anything with a large mouth and keen teeth. The shark’s craziness is heightened by the smell of blood. The more he consumes, the bigger he becomes and the more he desires to consume.

In this game, you’ll be “eating” over 100 different creatures. Small fish, large fish, vessels, and even unlucky tourists can all be considered. The gameplay is straightforward; you control the sharks’ swimming with a single finger. This game is particularly dangerous as it comes to the surface of the ocean, as sharks can jump on the shore and attack people on the beach. Avoid overdoing it, as your shark will eventually run out of oxygen and perish if you do not descend to the ocean (of course).

Sharks, on the other hand, are not the deep sea’s monarch yet. Additionally, there are numerous species that terrify the shark, such as larger sharks, jellyfish that wish to hurt you, laser sharks, and various other toxic fish. You will quickly die if you unintentionally strike them.

Seven ferocious shark species

Hungry Shark World is the follow-up to the wildly popular Hungry Shark Evolution game. Additionally, similar to the last game, you can grow in size and terror.

Your shark can consume larger prey as you grow larger. Additionally, you can level up to become frightening animals or even a prehistoric monster.
Not only can you unlock one type of shark in Hungry Shark World, but you can also unlock seven other types. “The Great White” is the most elusive of sharks. This will be every gamer’s objective while playing. Sharks in the game are both vicious and endearing. Several were armed with what appeared to be very bizarre rockets. They may be capable of running quickly, exploding, and hypnotizing, among other abilities.

Beautiful beaches in the world

In Hungry Shark World, you’ll travel to and discover some of the world’s most stunning beaches, including the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, the Arabian Sea, and the newly added South China Sea. The beaches appear to be real, providing a true sense of immersion. The Arctic Ocean, for example, is home to icebergs and fishing vessels.

Everything will be blown out of the water by the 3D graphics platform that makes it all possible. The graphics are one of the game’s strongest points; you’ll be hard pressed to find something comparable in any other game.

You can also try other apps like Hungry Dragon and Worms Zone .io.

MOD APK version of Hungry Shark World

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Why can’t I see the money even though I have downloaded the MOD version?

The money will increase when you use them (Instead of decreasing).

Download Hungry Shark World MOD APK for Android

This is really a game that brings many funny situations. Not only will you be tasked with fighting laser sharks, but you can also equip yourself with a range of power accessories that are both fashionable and extremely interesting.
Hungry Shark World is a great entertainment game after stressful working hours. You can play anywhere, anytime. Download this game now to embark on an adventure with the destroyer in the ocean!

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