Hungry Shark Evolution

Hungry Shark Evolution

Ubisoft Entertainment
Name Hungry Shark Evolution
Package com.fgol.HungrySharkEvolution
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Arcade
Version 9.2.0
Size 121M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
About Hungry Shark EvolutionUbisoft is the maker of Hungry Shark Evolution. The game has been available for a lengthy...
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About Hungry Shark Evolution

Ubisoft is the maker of Hungry Shark Evolution. The game has been available for a lengthy period of time on both Android and iOS platforms and has established a position in the global gaming market. After nearly seven years on Google Play, the game has surpassed 100 million downloads and an unusually good rating of 4.5 / 5 stars.


Hungry Shark Evolution, like two previous Ubisoft games, Hungry Dragon and Hungry Shark World, features a hunt-to-death gameplay. You’ll take the initiative in the game, hunting and eating whatever meat you like. The game screen will disappear whenever your health bar reaches zero.

Due to the fact that the rules of Hungry Shark Evolution are similar to those of Feeding Frenzy, the game is likely associated with many people’s childhoods. Essentially, you’ll use the virtual button to direct the shark as it hunts for prey. By touching another finger on the screen, you can increase your speed and hence your capacity to consume the fish. Gold Rush is activated when you accumulate a particular amount of food. Players will not be confined to speeding fast, becoming immortal for a brief moment, and turning everything into cash during the Gold Rush (i.e you can eat everything including those bigger than you).

As a young shark, your role should be to “hide” the seafloor from bully animals such as fish or crabs in order to avoid being eaten by larger sharks. Consuming little fish can help you live longer, improve your score, and grow in size. The highest level is ten. When you’ve consumed enough food to reach a certain height, it’s time to get up close to the water and determine who the ocean’s king is. “Impossible to defeat” is the greatest way to describe you at the moment.

A lot of fish species

Each animal is classified according to its look, size, or if it is actively hunting in a diverse animal world. Sharks are also included in this category. Hungry Shark Evolution features a sizable shark population. These animals are inspired by both natural and human aspects.

When you initially begin playing, you will become acquainted with the game’s basic sharks. The first shark you train is a small Reef Shark, which grows in size to become Mako Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Tiger Shark, and Great White Shark. The larger the shark, the more superior it is in every manner than the smaller species; also, they earn more money and points. Additionally, after a shark is obtained, players can utilize gold to enhance their biting, speed, and acceleration abilities.

After accumulating 500000 points in Hungry Shark Evolution, you’ll be able to access new seas filled with truly terrifying sharks. Megalodon, the famous extinct sea monster, has long been given a chance to reclaim his former dominance. There are further fish species with unique special abilities, such as the Electro Shark, which uses electricity to numb its prey, the Iced Shark, which can freeze an entire sea area, and the Robot Shark, which can launch torpedoes from its mouth.

Many enemies of sharks

When you have a firm grasp on yourself and your enemy, you can win any conflict. This statement becomes increasingly true when applied to a ruler such as yourself. Even if you achieve the highest level, you need be cautious of certain objects that should not be touched.

Throughout the game, you must keep an eye on the blue bar in the upper right corner of the screen, which represents your health. Your HP bar will gradually deplete as you consume other fish. However, certain objects that come into contact with the shark will cause it to immediately lose blood. Take care around floating torpedoes; the sting of jellyfish or stingrays can also result in bleeding.

Hungry Shark Evolution features a massive boss crab at the map’s bottom; explore it!

Message from clamshells

While eating, attempt to gather as many clamshells from the cliffs as possible. They contain the game’s side quests. Completing the assignment enables you to unlock further game features and earn a large number of money.


Hungry Shark Evolution features a razor-sharp 3D graphics platform, precisely rendered pictures, and an intriguing underwater world for players to explore.

MOD APK version of Hungry Shark Evolution

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: There are 2 types of money in the game. It is Gold and Gemstones. Each currency has its own effect, and owning a large amount of money from the beginning will help you easily upgrade many cool things in this game.

How to install and use the MOD version

You just need to install and play the game. There are no special notes.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution MOD APK for Android

Summer is coming, so why not download this cool game now on your phone? Hurry up, the sea is waiting for you to explore!

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