Hungry Dragon

Hungry Dragon

Ubisoft Entertainment
Name Hungry Dragon
Package com.ubisoft.hungrydragon
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Category Casual
Version 4.0
Size 134M
Requires Android 4.4 Can play offline
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated On
Introduce about Hungry DragonHave you ever played Big Fish Swallow or Hungry Shark? I believe these games to be quite intriguing, en...
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Introduce about Hungry Dragon

Have you ever played Big Fish Swallow or Hungry Shark? I believe these games to be quite intriguing, enjoyable, and well-suited for folks who enjoy recreational gaming. And the exciting news that publisher Ubisoft Entertainment has officially recreated the immensely popular “air” version of Hungry Dragon. True, you will no longer be required to descend beneath the sea and will be able to fly through the air.

Hungry Dragon’s gameplay

Enter the game Hungry Dragon and you’ll become friends with an exceedingly adorable dragon named Nibbler. Nibbler, on the other hand, is a rare dragon. He was constantly famished and desired to consume everything. He is capable of swallowing enormous birds, mountain animals, and any small creatures that dare to enter his eye. Nibbler could be able to consume the entire… sun if possible.

Naturally, you must assist Nibbler in devouring as many creatures as possible in order to survive in Hungry Dragon. Nibbler’s strength will wane whenever he is without food in his stomach, which may result in death. Keep an eye on the blue blood bar in the upper right corner of your screen to determine the length of time your dragon survives and how much food it requires to survive. The larger the beast, the more energy you get, and the longer the dragon lives. However, you must be cautious about airborne pathogens. Often, these creatures appear weird and frightening. If you do not feed properly, your dragon will not only lose blood but will also perish.

Additionally, dragons in Hungry Dragon possess the incredibly rare ability to spray fire. Consuming your prey increases not just your blood pressure but also your strength. When your power is fully charged, you can unleash your fire abilities or accelerate to your desired speed.

Flying is not limited

The gameplay of Hungry Dragon is infinite. You have the right to fly and consume anything you like. When the dragon expires, the game is over. Consume more food in order to get more points and break the game’s record. Always keep an eye out for gold coins in each game. They are required to access the game’s other dragons. The more food you consume, the more quickly your dragon evolves. The dragon is larger, more imposing, and more powerful. Release the dragon’s power, destroying everything in your path. Particularly, with each stage, you’ve conquered a new place, from the cave to the skies to the fairy village, and so on.

Ten species of dragons

There are up to ten different species of dragons in this game, each with a unique flair. Additionally, you can purchase costumes that improve, strengthen, and enrage the dragon. However, I believe that it is irrelevant whether you see a large or small dragon. In Hungry Dragon, the player’s flying capabilities are critical. With the game’s straightforward control scheme, you won’t have to worry about the operation too much; nonetheless, mastering it will require some practice.

Beautiful design like a dream

What strikes me about Hungry Dragon is its breathtaking graphics. The surrounding countryside, which was created in 3D, is highly realistic and stunning. The longer time you spend in the air, the more clouds you will notice. You can identify Jack’s leg in particular from the well-known fairy tale. Everything in this game feels as though it has been plucked straight from a fairy tale. Furthermore, the drag effect is extremely fluid and adaptable. In the first game, dragons, both cute and amusing, will undoubtedly conquer you.

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MOD APK version of Hungry Dragon

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money when opening this game.

Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK for Android

Ubisoft’s games are always good. And Hungry Dragon is no exception. Enjoy this fun action game by downloading it through the links below.

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