App Name Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – StoryLight
Publisher justapps
Genre Apps
Size 25.7MB
Latest Version 7.1.9
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Update September 7, 2021

Instagram is a social network released in 2010 to make it possible for everyone to share photos for free. Gradually this social network attracts millions of users. You can post photos on Instagram and share it on other social networks. In particular, the same name’s application provides you with a photo filter, so you can edit your photos as you like. But sometimes, your photos don’t satisfy you, and you want a more breakthrough. If you are looking for creativity, Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – StoryLight offers you some interesting functions.

Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – StoryLight is an application that helps you to create more interesting illustrations for your posts. For a post, illustrative elements are important to attracting a lot of attention from your followers. At the same time, you also feel happy that your posts become more beautiful.

Besides, there will be many elements to help you achieve a great cover photo. Borders you can select in the gallery. You can unleash your creativity with a large number of different borders. You can choose according to the topic you are targeting. Beautiful borders clearly illustrate and highlight the content you need to convey.

You should also not ignore the interesting icon packs when using this app. You can creatively combine them to create a beautiful cover image. There will be many different types of icons to choose from depending on the topic you like. Choosing can sometimes take a long time, but you will have a great experience flipping through these cute icons.

Besides beautiful covers, let’s not forget the stories on Instagram. The app also helps you create stories more easily. You will be able to find a variety of beautiful fonts. This stimulates your creativity. Combining many different factors will yield hundreds of stories full of different meanings. With each story you bring, it will give viewers a different feeling.
At the same time, during use, you can access the template available. You can take advantage of them if you don’t have any interesting ideas yet. You can see the templates as an inspiration for you to create your own products. From there, you can get ideas to combine these elements in an eye-catching and reasonable way.

For a social network, gaining more followers and attention is a must. You can boost your article’s outreach to more people and make it possible for you to fulfill your needs on this social network.
Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – StoryLight gives you a feeling of not being uncomfortable with characteristic white tones. You should be able to see the elements clearly divided. This makes it possible for you to view the supported elements in this application to use them properly. You will find a giant institute that you will have to spend a lot of time getting to know.

Interestingly, the material you own is so rich that you can search for them quite easily. It can be said that you can execute your creativity more easily. What you need is streamlined by function so that you can use it conveniently.

Application is appreciated
Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – StoryLight is a free app available at Google Play. With moderate configuration requirements, the application can be run on many different platforms. With its versatility, the application has received many positive reviews from users. They are satisfied with what it offers, along with great experiences.

Application producers always want to bring out the best for their customers. They are always interested in the suggestions and needs of users to gradually improve their application. Specifically, through the application versions, they add new effects to the application to enrich its library. This helps users always to feel new and create more beautiful products.
Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – StoryLight is a useful application to create cover templates and interesting stories. Possessing a diversified resource base, users can create many interesting and creative products. At the same time, you can also find new ideas from existing templates. With the functions clearly divided, you can create your own great products with Highlight Cover Maker for Instagram – StoryLight.