App Name HiEdu Scientific Calculator Pro
Publisher HiEdu - Development scientific calculator
Genre Apps
Size 5.87MB
Latest Version 1.2.2
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Update September 10, 2021

Are you looking for an intelligent calculation application like many handheld calculators that you still use? HiEdu Scientific Calculator Pro is a perfect example that you should be interested in, it integrates all the features of a hand-held calculator. Complex calculations are encoded by it in a single note. In particular, it also provides many illustrative calculation formulas for users’ reference.

HiEdu Scientific Calculator Pro is an educational software for those who are studying or working related to calculations. Every function of the application is like an intelligent tool to help you solve problems in mathematics. Instead of always carrying a pocket computer with you, using the application directly on the phone screen becomes more accessible and more efficient. If you are a student in favor of the natural sciences and have to use many calculation formulas regularly, it has saved the calculation for you.

It seems that the complicated calculations will make it difficult for you, and you spend a lot of time focusing on solving it. However, HiEdu Scientific Calculator Pro will crack you and save a lot of time to focus on solving other problems. The application outputs the data and solves them in seconds. Although it is a calculation application, it integrates many standard functions and is highly accurate. The application also gives the final result for every process or statistical problem that makes you see how professional it is.

The application solves basic calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and supports many other advanced spreadsheets. Perhaps, HiEdu Scientific Calculator Pro will make people like accountants, bankers, or students majoring in economics admire and love it. Not only that, but it also works for you to give results and mathematical formulas to use in the computer directly. Decimal numbers, formulas for functions, solving higher order equations throw it into the application to discuss the answer.

According to the traditional method, if learning according to the conventional way, people tend to write down essential recipes on paper and stick them all over the wall to memorize. Forget that method, though HiEdu Scientific Calculator Pro includes the function of automatically saving the necessary formulas that you apply frequently. Every time you come across it, open the app and start studying it. You will save time flipping through the book to find it. The great thing that the application brings to users is that the calculations are meticulously analyzed and easy to understand. In addition, the function graphs are displayed in great detail, classifying functions together and finding unique points of parts faster. Users can find the problems they have solved in the application’s history folder.

Nevertheless, most modern computers support users to use two modes. HiEdu Scientific Calculator Pro is the same, and it provides two views, vertical and horizontal, for you to operate more efficiently. For the Portrait view, you’ll do the usual calculations with it. And use more advanced articles with expanded screen rotation mode.

The application also supports the conversion of all available units. Every unit of money, temperature, length, pressure, speed, and more helps you convert quickly. And yet, many physics formulas are also set up in this application. Physically related categories are all handled.