Action Hello Neighbor (MOD, Unlocked All)

Hello Neighbor (MOD, Unlocked All)

  • Publisher: tinyBuild
  • Version: 1.0 b53
  • Category: Action, Simulation
  • Size: 1GB
  • Update: July 12, 2020 at 4:17 am
  • Available at: Google Play


In modern life, neighbors are not as friendly anymore as they used to be. The pressure of life, the treadmill rotation of the work makes everyone become irritable, irritated. When they get home, the only thing is to rest and entertain alone. Unnecessary distractions cause some inconvenience. However, children do not have to worry too much about these things, and they like to find out, make friends with people. Therefore, they are always expelled when trying to reach the tired and grumpy adults.

Discover the secrets of a neighbor

So, for a long time, there was a game called Neighbors from Hell that allowed players to tease an angry man. He always tries to catch you to punish for the pre-arranged joke. When you poke fun at the person, the score will increase. Sneak into the house and set up continuous traps to keep the score high. Take advantage of all the tools such as eggs, toilet paper, milk, … to win this game.

TinyBuild has released a brand-new game that lets you enjoy a legendary PC game about 15 years ago. The producer does not make the game a Hello Neighbor version 2, which incorporates novel elements that make it different from the original. TinyBuild is a studio that specializes in producing great adventure and puzzle games, so the unexpected elements, the way to play logical inference are highlighted. As a result, their new game has quickly become a hot game, challenging those who love horror and detective games. When experiencing it, there will be feelings like fear, excitement, and enhancement of the ability to grasp clues.

Run, run, and run

The mysterious neighbor never had a generous act with everyone in the neighborhood. His home also radiates a kind of pressure like a ghost house. Indoor light is rarely turned on; the fence is broken and crooked, the lawn is rarely trimmed neatly. He seems to be a weirdo, and in that house, there are horror mysteries that the player can not imagine.

An inquisitive boy in the neighborhood wanted to know the hidden in the opposite house, so he boldly broke into the house. A series of horrific events begin in a ghostly space. The name of the owner is a rascal; he wants to kill the stupid boy has entered his house. The player’s battle with a powerful AI controller is designed to re-learn the opponent’s moves. If you repeat the old tactic, you will definitely die instantly. Take advantage of all the terrain in the house, the things, and the tools available to save yourself and the convenience of exploring the mystery behind that crazy neighbor.

Trying to escape?

Hello Neighbor MOD is designed with 3D graphics, but the character is like a horror cartoon. The color of the game is dark, and the house is lacking in light. Angles and exciting sound make you participate in a situation extremely irony and dramatic. Can not turn his head, can only face the name of evil neighbors only.

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