App Name Happy Chick
Publisher Xiaoji Studio
Genre Apps
Size 57.9MB
Latest Version 1.7.9
Update September 7, 2021

Modern problems require modern solutions, Happy Chick is one of the best solutions for the long time you want to play old games. Playing the old-fashion game we mentioned here is the classic game designed on the old console game console. Sometimes games were released until 20 years ago. It was too old and hard to find such a gaming machine to experience. Happy Chick allows players to simulate any older generation gaming machine that ever existed in this world. For example, if you want to play games on GBA, GB, and DS, you can quickly simulate them on your smartphone. It is quite sad that this application is not released on Google Play but can only be downloaded on our article. Besides, the app also does not have an iOS version that has the only a version for Android. So anyone who uses Android will congratulate that person, you have found the right address.

The best console emulator for Android
Happy Chick is one of the best apps today that you can find on the Internet. In fact, you only need a few simple keywords that can get hundreds of different results about this. But only for example, if you want to play a game with a certain platform then it’s hard to get a better result, just like it was made to serve a purpose. Happy Chick was created to become an all-in-one app emulator so players can get the best service quality. Now that you want to play any game, you can satisfy yourself immediately without having to learn, without having to search hard and finding possible downloadable content. It is also a matter of concern when you want to play an old game that has been released on the console. First, for example, you can find a floating link, and it is just clickbait, there is no content to download, or sometimes there is also content to download, but it attaches virus. For “Happy Chick,” you don’t need to do anything but still get the most reliable data source.

That means, when you want to play a game and know its name, just go to the Search bar of “Happy Chick” and type in it. It will immediately listen to search on its network everything about that game, including DLC. Then the player only needs to download that file and experience it. But it will sometimes cause a rather dreadful problem like this that you want to play, but don’t know that it’s compatible on any console game. “Happy Chick” also automatically fits you. It will find a possible compatibility system for you to apply to the game immediately. PlayStation 1, 2 or 3, Nintendo 64, MAME, Nintendo DS, PSP, Gameboy, and practically any other console on the market, … If you want to play an Android game, it will automatically download through its own servers. Everything is ready to serve you quickly, efficiently, and scientifically. Also, the Bluetooth group feature also allows users to switch the OnScreen controller to the gaming handle easily.

VMain features
Emulator any classic console, for example, PlayStation 1, 2, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, PSP, GBA…
Support joysticks with a connection via Bluetooth or wired. Supports a wide variety of popular handles
You do not need to go online to search for “ROMs”, in the Happy Chick library is complete. Just one click to download
The control button on the touch screen is arranged appropriately. Suitable for all different resolutions, including tablet and Android TV
Full game console support, up to 95% match, up to 60 FPS