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Name Gym WP
Package com.lealApps.pedro.gymWorkoutPlan
Publisher Leal Apps
Category Health And Fitness
Version 7.5.2
Size 37M
Requires Android 5.0
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Introduce about Gym WPGym WP is a smartphone application that enables systematic workout. There are other fitness applications available for smartphones, but if I'm looking for something me...
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Introduce about Gym WP

Gym WP is a smartphone application that enables systematic workout. There are other fitness applications available for smartphones, but if I’m looking for something methodical, thorough, and minimalistic, easy to understand and practice, I’d choose Gym WP.

Gym WP shows all your body metrics

Gym WP possesses the feature of weighing and reporting all your body parameters due to its intelligent design in accordance with scientific and high health standards. Additionally, it can provide practical advice on how to improve BMI, weight, and height measurements, muscle wasting, body circumference measurement, and extra fat, among other things. The advise will include how much exercise you should do per day to achieve your body’s weight goal; which areas of the body to target; and how much weight should be appropriate for your current height. Of course, these suggestions are all based on scientific research on international sports training, but whether they should be followed is another story. It boils down to “willpower.”

And, as a result of the phrase “willpower,” Gym WP continues to add another exceptional feature that I adore.

Your PT at home, 24/7

To begin, Gym WP is available for free. Additionally, being a well-rounded, adaptable, and multi-talented personal trainer, the app provides numerous customization options for fitness programs. Each program will be customized to the interests and strengths of each participant. As with physical therapy, there will always be specified routines, durations, and progressions to assist you in enhancing your figure optimally.

Gym WP will create a comprehensive exercise regimen for you based on the information you supply initially. Everyone is unique, from the content they consume to the frequency and quantity of workouts they complete every week. There are around 500 exercises available on Gym WP in total.
Each entry includes images and comprehensive explanations. Weight training, barbell training, aerobic exercise, and free exercise are all included in this category.

If necessary, you can even design your own supersets to diversify and combine multiple findings. It’s also quite simple to combine these sets of workouts. And once paired, the app will automatically divide the order before and after each movement into the most appropriate order for that time of day, based on the intensity of each action. Your responsibility is simply to keep an eye on it and to follow.

If you continue to feel insufficient about the frequency and difficulty of the workout, you may change it in any way you like, including increasing the number of reps or duration of each exercise. If you do not customize the app, it will always include a smart tracking feature. It will automatically track your training progress based on the app’s opening and closing times, altering and adding the duration of subsequent sessions as necessary. However, you’d be wise to alter it independently to make it more adaptable to your personal schedule.

With all of the above-mentioned aspects of proactive workout creation, self-adaptation to reality, and measuring the success of the “students,” do you believe Gym WP resembles a professional physical therapist?

You can also try other apps like Home Workout and Daily Workouts.

Everybody can use this amazing app

Additionally, Gym WP is age and ability-appropriate. Anyone who need health training, or who wishes to maintain or improve their physique through exercise is welcome to download and utilize.

If you wish to lose weight, the app will generate a detailed weight loss plan based on the data you submit. Additionally, if you like to enhance muscle mass or the number of rounds performed on the body, there are recommended exercises to perform and follow. Additionally, the app will indicate how your physique will alter over time if you workout. Anyone who frequents a gym would be delighted to obtain this knowledge. It is not only a barometer of diligence, but also a motivational force for workout success.

MOD APK version of Gym WP

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked


When the “Premium Disabled” message appears, swipe to ignore it.

Download Gym WP MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Gym WP

IMPROVEMENTS TO BUILD YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE- Add unlimited number of sets per exercise. - Exclusive for Premium Users- Make unlimited super series (combined exercises). - Exclusive for Premium Users- It is now possible to add the exercise load with fractional number.WORKOUT WITH GYM WP- Added preparation time between sets.- Stopwatch advances automatically after the rest time has elapsed.- Now it is possible to pause your workout.

Wherever you are, in any situation, you need to stay healthy and fit. Why don’t you take advantage of this tough time to download Gym WP, practice at home every day? After the epidemic, your body is still slim, you are still healthy to regain the spirit to go to work.

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