Name Granny
Package com.dvloper.granny
Publisher Dvloper
Category Horror
Version 1.7.9
Size 99M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features God Mode
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Introduce about GrannyThe game will induce a sense of suffocation, excitement, and extraordinary focus. Believe me! When writing this review, I am still trembling. You will receive a crypti...
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Introduce about Granny

The game will induce a sense of suffocation, excitement, and extraordinary focus. Believe me! When writing this review, I am still trembling. You will receive a cryptic message as soon as you launch the game: “Welcome to Granny.”

Don’t make noise!

You, the game’s hero, awaken in a mystery mansion. You are aware that there is a blind, mentally unstable elderly woman named Granny who lives in this residence. Just as you drop a lock of hair on the floor, she can hear it and chase you down to murder you. Your mission is to acquire the essential items to unlock the door and flee this house, but you must be extremely cautious and remember: do not make any noise. Five days are remaining.

Some tips when playing

In the opening scene, you will be in a room at Granny’s residence. Before unlocking the door, you should look for the key on the table or in the drawer, and if you find it, retrieve it before leaving the room.

The second scenario occurs when you are asked to enter a code to open a code-protected door in the first scene’s aftermath.

In the third scene, you will return to the house and locate the necessary items, such as keys, pliers, hammers, and the door’s code. Locate it anywhere in this home.

To escape the house in the fourth scenario, you must utilize goods that you can locate.

Do not make a fool of yourself if your grandmother discovers you; instead, locate a safe hiding place under the bed or in the closet to evade her, as she is much faster than you. In recent iterations, the game has produced more difficult riddles. Not as straightforward as before, you must now actively search for the concealed key or object in this residence. On occasion, you may need to play the radio or music to divert her attention. There are so many mysteries to uncover and so many interesting things to do in this game; it’s all up to your imagination.

Escape or being eaten

This game is challenging, but not unbeatable. This game’s difficulty has been conquered by a large number of players, prompting the developer to update the game with new maps and challenges in order to retain players. I hope the future edition of Granny will include an online feature so that gamers can explore this fascinating mansion with their friends.

Horror graphics and horror sound

The game’s graphics are extremely realistic, paired with a first-person perspective that magnifies the player’s anxiety. The appearance of Granny resembles that of a zombie; she is not horrifying, but her appearance will startle you. The only audible elements in the game are your breathing and footsteps, as well as Granny’s terrifying voice. To enjoy this game to its fullest, you need wear headphones. When she kills you, the screen goes dark and blood shoots up the screen as a symbol for death. You shouldn’t let children play this game due of its frightening and horrifying content.

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MOD APK version of Granny

MOD Feature
God Mode: If you do not want to be eaten while exploring the house, use the MOD version.

Should you download and play Granny?

This game is really not for the faint of heart. Do not play it alone at night, you will regret it!

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