Action Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MOD, Cleo Menu/Cheats)

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (MOD, Cleo Menu/Cheats)

  • Publisher: Rockstar Games
  • Version: 2.00
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 1.8GB
  • Update: July 9, 2020 at 3:35 pm
  • Available at: Google Play


The Grand Theft Auto series is a good game and is a series of open-world action role-playing games that have created a great buzz, as well as existed for decades now. Up to the present time, GTA has up to 13 versions including 5 main sections are GTA; GTA 2; GTA III; GTA IV and GTA V along with many other brothers are still active on many platforms. Regardless of the version, the developer Rockstar has also made a name for itself in the action game market. And Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is also one of the games that caused a concussion and occupy a special position that is difficult to replace in the hearts of players even though it has spent more than a few decades in the development teams of Rockstar. In order for players to understand the underworld, the Grand Theft Auto series often contains content that is not intended for children, while directing players into bloody violence.

Your task in the game is usually around improving your position in the world of crime. Although there have been many contradictions about the somewhat realistic element in the game, so far Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been distributed on many platforms such as PS2, PC and most recently is on the phone platform. If you have not experienced the game yet, GTA SA has allowed installation on the Google Play app store for a relatively cheap price, only approximately $5, not too much for a classic such as so. Anyway, in this article, we will take you back to the legendary game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Worthy graphics investment

Released and running on the PlayStation 2 platform 2004 (until 2005, the official version of the PC), GTA: San Andreas does not have the current advanced custom. But you still have to admit that San Andreas was one of the sandbox games with the best graphics at the time, even though Rockstar has released many series of games Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas is still one of the games with graphics in the acceptable line up to the present time. Thereby you can see the dedication and careful investment that comes from the manufacturer through every detail such as houses, trees, vehicles, details such as faint smoke coming from exhaust pipes, leaves along with newspaper pieces of paper blowing in the wind. In addition to the bright sunlight of the day, the night view also becomes fanciful, beautiful and detailed to the point of obsession with street lights as well as bright window lights from houses and building. Next is the common gestures, gait, and sayings from the pedestrians when you try to communicate or bump into, some will panic and dodge, and some have aggressive actions in reverse. All create an honest and quite convincing world.

Besides, the map system is also something worth mentioning in GTA SA. If compared to the size of the successor, GTA V, then San Andreas is a bit less competitive, instead, it is not only a city and countryside, the version San Andreas has up to 3 different cities and a series of described villages. Each city has a unique urban identity such as the bustling city of Los Santos, San Fierro with typical trams or Las Venturas city with the infamous casinos. Besides, the sound segment in GTA SA is also perfected by Rockstar. Songs that have been played on more than 11 radio stations are set in the game’s context in 1990 with a combination of hip hop, pop, rap, and rock. You will feel a very “Thug life” when you are dancing on endless roads with K – Rose’s country music, waving in crowded and narrow streets with hip hop music. vibrant replayed regularly on Playback – FM, not to mention you can put your favourite songs from outside into the “Radio Custom” category.

Many soundtracks

Because of the variety of songs, Rockstar Games has set a record for the game with the richest music system of all time. In addition, those who play the game “San Andreas” also have to agree with me that from the voice to the gestures of important characters like Big Smoke – a lazy person who always nagged; a boss in the sinister gangster and full of hidden meaning in every word or a corrupted policeman with rhetoric and vulgar words; … both the main and supporting characters are Rockstar depicting objectivity, full of honesty and being very memorable. Besides the strengths, GTA SA still has the left side in the sound array has not been thoroughly done, the most obvious lies in the gunfire is a bit witty, this is the most common sound type but not yet Attention, this makes every gun battle less stressful inherent.

Story and gameplay revolving around criminal life

So is the gameplay in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas interesting? Almost all of the main activities in this GTA series revolve around three activities: shooting, driving and exploring. You play as Carl Johnson, a young man who escaped the stress of living in the city of Los Santos to rebuild his life five years ago – a sinful city revolving around the gang, drug, and corruption. This is also the place where movie stars, as well as millionaire businessmen, also try hard to escape the line of business and bloody payments. Upon hearing that his mother was murdered, his family and childhood friends were in a state of collapse, CJ returned to his homeland with the determination to track down the murderer. Experiencing the main missions, you will be immersed in crazy gun battles, high-speed chases with gangs and even the police. By focusing on only one character, “San Andreas” built an impressive CJ – starting the game completely empty-handed, after experiencing many events, the character gradually made a name and Reach the high point of fame but still go back to where you were born to strengthen your gang strength.

Small details are concerned

The highlight and charisma of San Andreas also come from the small details that are carefully invested in the big world. You have the right to do whatever you like, such as racing, robbing, performing bicycles, flying martial arts drills, gambling, and even playing sports partially affects other elements of the game. If CJ is small, muscular and muscular, you will find climbing, jogging, and even diving underwater make everything easier. This is also a good thing but has been omitted from the next version of this series. In “San Andreas”, you don’t have to do anything violent, if you want to change the wind, you can still be more honest as a taxi driver, firefighter, ambulance, and even the duty to the police.

The large and diverse gaming community

In addition, the game also owns a large modder community, the mod graphics, vehicles, clothing, fictional characters, … can be easily installed and Use via a few easy steps to search the internet. It can be said, GTA: San Andreas is like a monument in the role-playing game in general as well as the series Grand Theft Auto in particular. Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on your phone to enjoy, immerse yourself in the world of pitfalls but equally interesting. Anyway, this is still a highly violent game, players should consider and evaluate the level of suitability for themselves before experiencing.

MOD Info?

  • Has made Cleo Menu with countless features (Swipe the screen from the top down to turn on)
  • You can change costumes, weather, time, wanted level, vehicles, unlimited money, weapons, ammunition …


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