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Introduce about GradientWhat would the appearance of your face be if it were drawn in a cartoon style?Edit photo by AIAI is being developed at an incredible rate thanks to the ...
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Introduce about Gradient

What would the appearance of your face be if it were drawn in a cartoon style?

Edit photo by AI

AI is being developed at an incredible rate thanks to the many modern technology and equipment. As a result, the application of AI to various parts of life is likewise considerably more diverse. At the most revolutionary level, there is the invention of self-driving automobiles and advanced robots… At the tiniest scale, there are a number of smartphone applications that use AI to create additional forms and faces. At this level, AI acts as a source of great entertainment, offering moments of relaxation. Gradient: AI Photo Editor is an excellent example.

When it comes to Gradient: AI Photo Editor, there is probably only one word that comes to mind: all-in-one. This is a clever photo editor, an excellent cosmetics tool, and a magic wand that allows you to instantly switch up your look. All of these features have one thing in common: they all rely on AI to function. The outcomes are extremely natural and retain the individuality of individual features. Each feature takes no more than a few seconds to activate and produces excellent results.

New looks for familiar faces

Having grown familiar to your lovely features, have you ever considered what it would look like when you enter new worlds? Develop into a lovely Elf, a scary Orc, or a charming cartoon character? Simply pick the Fantasy Beauty function to instantly experience this enchanting manifestation. The three minor characteristics of Fantasy Beauty correspond to three distinct mask styles, each of which will surprise you by revealing a new aspect of yourself.

You will be shocked by the outcome. And I guarantee that after you see it, you’ll want to take it out and show it out to your friends on social media to see how everyone reacts, which will double the enjoyment.

The most intelligent beauty toolkit for Android

There are no ugly people; only those who lack the ability to beautify themselves. Gradient: AI Photo Editor will assist users in editing their selfies as efficiently and effectively as possible by incorporating an AI-powered beauty cosmetics toolbox. You may edit manually or choose the Auto Enhance mode to have the application automatically beautify your face and physique.

If you’re not satisfied, you can always improve your appearance using the app’s multitude of makeup options, which include creating a V-line chin, erasing freckles, removing crow’s feet, adding hair, creating glitter eyes, lightening skin, and whitening teeth. Additionally, you can alter the body shape slightly by lengthening the legs, slimming the body, enhancing the chest, and generally making the body more attractive and sexier.

Rarely does an application include not only face-swapping entertainment powered by AI, but also beauty and image editing suites. Additionally, it is tightly populated with minute details. Gradient: AI Photo Editor is an all-in-one photo editing application for this reason.

Professional photo editing capabilities not inferior to any high-end photo editor

This program will ensure that no bad photographs remain in your memory. Because simply by utilizing the application’s superior picture editing toolset, you may change an ordinary photograph into an extraordinary one. There are hundreds of effects and filters available, as well as basic to complex photo editing functions such as cropping, rotating, altering the aspect ratio, modifying contrast, brightening/darkening, and adjusting shadows. This modest yet extensive feature set includes a variety of photo editing tools.

If you’re not in the mood for extensive editing, you can rely on the AI-powered automatic photo repair. With one single step, the entire photo will be modified automatically depending on the outcomes of the AI’s deep learning process. Additionally, you will receive a completed product that consistently earns above-average satisfaction. You can use this automatic function prior to getting into detail editing. The image that appears may be the one you’re looking for.

You can also try other apps like FaceApp and Remini.

Download Gradient APK for Android

What's Latest New Gradient

In this update we have improved the app’s interface and performance.

Gradient: AI Photo Editor gives you not only the joyful moments admiring your face with a different unique style but also smart professional makeup and photo edit tool sets. After installing this app, you may forget all the other small photo editing applications…

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