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Introduce about Google VoiceWant to make a call but don't want your true mobile number to be revealed? Use Google Voice as an alternative!What is Google Voice?Since I've been u...
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Introduce about Google Voice

Want to make a call but don’t want your true mobile number to be revealed? Use Google Voice as an alternative!

What is Google Voice?

Since I’ve been using Google applications extensively for work (particularly Google Drive and Google Docs), my perspective on these applications has shifted 180 degrees. They are no longer a cause for concern when it comes to data security. They’ve developed into a true work partner. Since then, I’ve developed a greater appreciation for Google’s applications. Google Voice is one of them. It’s quite convenient, but not very well-known.

Google Voice is Google’s free official app. It works by providing you with a mobile number based on Google’s cloud data, which you may use much like a cell phone number. Google Speech enables you to make and receive calls, automatically record voice, sync devices, text, and share photographs…

How is Google Voice different from other online calling services?

You may have utilized a variety of online communication tools, including Skype, Zoom, and others. Google Voice, on the other hand, is a little different. This is not a service for videoconferencing (remote communication via video). Furthermore, Google Voice is not the same as the instant messaging applications accessible on mobile devices, nor is it a calling and chatting application.

Google Voice is a service that enables you to connect a paid phone service to a free cloud storage account. Additionally, you may use Google Voice to forward all calls to your Google Drive phone number to any other phone number.

This means that you can utilize Google Voice in the following circumstances:

  • You want to be able to make calls even if you do not have access to a landline.
  • You wish to contact someone but are reluctant to disclosing your private telephone number.
  • You wish to terminate your current mobile phone subscription but require a means of communicating with others when they call your canceled mobile number.
  • You wish to save money by ceasing to pay for telephone service.

Google Voice is the most effective tool to utilize if you have any of the aforementioned requirements.

How to make and receive calls on Google Voice?

To begin, Google Voice enables VOIP calls, which are calls made via the Internet without the use of a phone. Indeed, when you create a Google Voice account for the first time, the app permits you to make phone calls this way by default unless you install Google Voice on your mobile phone or link your Google Voice number to another number. This feature is useful if you want to call, text, or check your voicemail without using your cell phone.

Following that, once you’ve connected your Google Voice account to your mobile number, you’ll be able to make and receive Google Voice calls directly from your phone’s screen call mode, as long as you avoid giving the other party your real phone number. This tool is incredibly handy if you need to call a large number of individuals but do not want to disclose your cell phone number for fear of causing subsequent trouble. Additionally, when in this mode of Google Voice, you can configure the following settings:

  • Permit call receiving through web and/or mobile phone
  • Select whether to get missed call notifications through email at your Google email address or not. Allows for automatic call recording or switching phones during a call.
  • Set the mode to “Do not disturb” to prevent any calls from being received automatically.
  • Set No disturb mode to automatically not receive any calls
  • Allow for voicemail redirection

Google Voice now features a call panel that displays your phone number and recommended contacts. However, one advantage is that this panel will remain visible at all times. That implies that with a single tap on the screen, you can gain instant, easy access to your quick contacts.

Texting on Google Voice

When you receive SMS messages to your mobile number, they will immediately be forwarded to Google Voice or to your specified mobile number or email account. You will never miss a message if you enable both of these receiving modes.

Not only is messaging over Google Voice as straightforward and convenient as standard phone texting. However, it has been strengthened by the ability to message several people simultaneously and instantly share photographs.

Additionally, Google Voice has a high level of synchronization. Simply download this application to your devices, log in to your personal accounts, and all of your data will be synchronized instantly from your PC, laptop, or tablet to your mobile phone.

You can also try other apps like Phone by Google.

Download Google Voice APK for Android

What's Latest New Google Voice

• Support for marking group messages as spam.• Stability and performance improvements

Overall, Google Voice is a helpful, convenient tool in the era of tight security like today. Its effectiveness is shown in the abilities like ‘to make phone calls but not let anyone know your real mobile number’, or ‘to transfer received calls to any other mobile number’. Those features are the best proof of the powerful capabilities of this application.
Believe me! Try Google Voice once, and you will be surprised by its powerful features.

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