Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas

Gameloft Se
Name Gangstar Vegas
Publisher Gameloft Se
Category Action
Version 5.6.0k
Size 2G
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money, VIP 10
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Introducing Gangstar VegasGameloft now has twenty-one game development studios located throughout the world, with a primary concentration on mobile gaming. This gaming firm is most known fo...
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Introducing Gangstar Vegas

Gameloft now has twenty-one game development studios located throughout the world, with a primary concentration on mobile gaming. This gaming firm is most known for its Java games. It was founded by Michel Guillemot, co-creator of Ubisoft. Their older games are also quite enjoyable, but they have shifted their concentration to the Android and iOS platforms.

Asphalt 8: Airborne, N.O.V.A Legacy, and other titles have established them as a brand in the first-person shooter and racing genres on the touchscreen game platform. However, now I’d like to present you to a brand-new game called Gangstar Vegas, which is a mash-up of Rockstar Games’ top racing game and Grand Theft Auto series.

Become the infamous Mafia boss

Gangstar Vegas takes place in Las Vegas, where you can participate in frantic racing, witness the mutual purge of prominent criminals, or try your luck at the casino.

You will assume the role of a Mafia boss in the game, and there are numerous gang members plotting your demise. You must be willing to engage in gunfights and high-speed pursuits. Not only that, you are also sought after throughout this metropolis. However, loyalists remain under your leadership; your task is to rebuild your infamous Mafia gang and reclaim control of this city. Eliminate those who stabbed you in the back and those who disobey you in order to reclaim your underground status.

Large open world

At the moment, there is a popular open world game called Grand Thief Auto V Roleplay; the game supports a large number of people on a same server and allows them to communicate. And Gangstar Vegas offers a similar environment; you may do quests, engage with other players, and view your status in a regularly updated rankings system. Along with assignments to assist you in comprehending the plot, you may also participate in racing challenges and shooting.

The control scheme is identical to that of Grand Theft Auto. Additionally, you can rob banks and casinos in the game to earn money and establish your control over this metropolis. You can “launder” the money you steal by using it to expand your gang or by adding supercars to your collection and using them in city-to-city choke car races.

Similar to “Watch Dog,” AR Mode allows hackers to investigate the construction of a building and attempt to break into the system for their own objectives. Additionally, you can utilize them to view Las Vegas from above in this game. The city will be more attractive than ever with the illumination of the buildings.


Gangstar Vegas employs 3D graphics technology to create the game’s highways, environments, and characters. This adds realism to the game. The movement of characters and cars has been adjusted to provide the finest experience possible, and the publisher wishes to demonstrate that a mobile game can be as visually stunning as a PC game.

Additionally, the game incorporates first- and third-person perspectives to enhance the user experience; they want players to feel from a variety of perspectives.

MOD APK Version of Gangstar Vegas

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlimited Points
  • Unlocked VIP

Note that

You are required to read the instructions below to avoid encountering errors when installing and using the MOD (License Error, Temporarily Banned, Age Check).

Instructions for installing & using Gangstar Vegas

How to install

The installation below applies to both the original and the MOD version.
Step 1: Download the game’s APK and OBB via the link below the article.
Step 2: Install OBB
Should use HOSTZFEVER Installer to install OBB easily without error.
Or you can extract the OBB file, copy folder to the path Android/obb on the device.
Step 3: Install the game’s APK file.

How to use to avoid ban and age check

You need to read how to use the following to be able to play the game without ban.
Step 1: You need to open the Internet in this step. Open the game for the first time after installing to let the game download more data. After the game updates, the game will notify you that you have been banned. Do not worried! Please close the game and do the next steps.
Step 2: Install InternetGuard from Google Play. This app is required to block games controlled by Gameloft.
Step 3: Open InternetGuard, activate the app in the corner of the screen. Block all access to WIFI and Mobile Data of Gangstar Vegas.
Step 4: Open the game. At this point the game will try to connect to the server. But since we have blocked the app’s network access, it won’t ban us :)). You will enter the game successfully.

How to Fix License Error

If you have never installed this game from Google Play before, you may encounter a License Error error when opening the game even though it was installed as instructed. Please follow the steps below to fix it:
Step 1: Open Google Play and find Gangstar Vegas
Step 2: Click Install to download the game. When the download is in progress, click cancel.
Step 3: You already have a license for this game. You only need to perform the installation steps as instructed above. The game will work stably without errors.

Download Gangstar Vegas MOD APK for Android

It can be said that Gangstar Vegas is an extremely wonderful game about the hidden corners of everyday life, the bosses of the underworld are dominating the city. Are you curious about the lives of the mafia? The danger of participating in the underworld. All will be answered after you experience this game.

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