Action Gangstar Vegas (MOD, Money/VIP 10)

Gangstar Vegas (MOD, Money/VIP 10)

  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Version: 4.8.1a
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 1.6GB
  • Update: July 16, 2020 at 2:57 am
  • Available at: Google Play


Gangstar Vegas – GTA is one of the most beloved game series in the world since it debuted to the present. People have played this game passionately from the first version to the latest version today. With about ten different versions and four official expansions along with a lot of related mods, the game is still in your royal throne in the offline game series (actually it has an online version already but not as famous as his brothers).

Because of that attraction, offline game makers also want to have their own “GTA” version to attract the attention of players worldwide. We can quickly find games that have similar gameplay by searching for the keyword on all the game downloads you can find. Saints Row series, The Getaway series, The True Crime series are also good products nominated in countless favorite products. If you are looking for such a product, but with high quality, for mobile, you can try Gangstar Vegas by GLoft. All their games offer a high-quality experience and satisfy gamers’ needs worldwide.

Shoot, fight & race mafia game

In this version of the game, the developer focused on producing the experience of a mafia game. It means that the underground action elements are brought into the play with high frequency and modified, impossible circumstances to increase the game’s dramatic level. Gradually familiarize yourself with the content designed with high-speed, fast action. If you do not have time to adapt to them, there will undoubtedly be a tragic outcome. This underground crime world is never ceded to anyone.

Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the City of Sin

GLoft graphics produced so far are also trendy in the gamer community. Action game products like this take advantage of that. The general play of this game is a combination of many different types such as action, adventure, driving, role-playing, secret action, simulating real events in America, and racing elements. So players will have to use all their skills to play the game smoothly. Graphics will have to be flexible to show the complexity of the game, and shaping characters must also be incredibly diverse. Each case will be separately integrated with a different rotation and tempo angles. Transitions and cut scenes also apply the same techniques as an action movie.

The player will not feel boredom at all, never take his eyes off the screen since the beginning of the game until the end of a mission. It is also impossible to blame the excessive game size, up to 1.6GB. These mid-range smart devices will have certain image delays. But that is also impossible to prevent the passion of gamers. More than 70 million people have downloaded the game on Google Play since it was released to the present. It is a significant number, repaying the game developer ‘s efforts and attitudes.


Join Gangstar Vegas, the player will come to the City of Sin, where the criminal force is potent. Perhaps here, the power lies in fists rather than laws. Dark plans from the LAS VEGAS region are intermingling and creating a paradise for the crime.

In this place, people will have to fight to live peacefully. If there is not enough power, how can one survive in a world full of dangers like this game? Horrible things like theft, gangs wars, zombies invasion and more will appear in turn in BLOCKBUSTER STORY MODE. You will have to fight through 80 of the most challenging tasks of your life with maximum action scenes, auto races, and shooting,… If you find it too difficult, don’t hesitate to call your clan to battle with opponents. The most cunning, most dangerous and wise criminals will help you from the shadow.

MOD Info

  • Much money
  • VIP level 10.


  • If there is a GLoft game on your device, it gives an error that is not installed, delete it and install it.
  • Turn off the network connection when opening the game, otherwise, you may be banned

How to fix LICENSE!

  • Before downloading the game, please visit Google Play, find and download the official Gangstar Vegas version.
  • After the download process starts (about 5-10MB), cancel this process.
  • Next, install APK from our website

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