App Name Gaming Mode
Publisher zipoapps
Genre Apps
Size 9.13MB
Latest Version 1.8.3
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Update August 29, 2021

Gaming Mode is an application that helps you optimize your gaming when it enables you to find the corresponding settings to make your device more stable.

Every time you play a game, every time you wish you had a more powerful device. Actually, this is the common feeling of many people so you do not need to be too upset. The game at the present time is getting heavier and requires more powerful equipment to play. Big names like NOVA Legacy, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Dungeon Hunter 4, … all possess extremely terrible graphics, requiring players to equip themselves with flagships to receive the best experience. But with a slightly older smartphone, can you enjoy those games without worrying about image quality? The answer is possible with Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster.

The unique application that can give you the deepest intervention into the game system
Gaming Mode will quickly identify the games you have just installed on your smartphone. You just need to access the main screen of the application to be able to see everything. The games that appear on the screen will be able to increase the experience so that everything is pushed to the maximum. Most of the problems in the game such as lag will be minimized, the internet connection through this application is also guaranteed to be stable, automatic, and fast.
Unique settings for users to focus on gaming
A powerful smartphone, a good game, and a strong internet connection are perfect conditions for those who want entertainment. With the above conditions, you can spend the evening entertaining without any obstacles. Except that someone really wants to interfere with you. When you’re playing a game with a smartphone, an incoming call can ruin everything. For example, you are in intense combat in the game Arena of Valor, interrupting 1 second, you lose the whole game. Therefore, the feature to block all incoming calls while playing games is useful in this case. This is quite extreme if someone really wants to contact you. But in case you have made sure nothing is busy for a certain amount of gaming time, this feature serves you completely. Besides, notifications are also a very difficult problem for those who are looking to play games. It makes players tired of pop-ups that interrupt the fun. Even with spam notifications, the experience will get much worse. As well as blocking calls, blocking notifications is the best you can set in Gaming Mode.
Clear out the background apps to keep your phone in the best condition
Really, for low-end smartphones, they don’t have RAM optimization. This means that for background apps, they still share limited data resources. Because of this, when you play games, you will encounter cases that do not meet your expectations. Players will feel extremely helpless before the problems caused by this incident. This problem is not easy to solve, except removing all applications that have background running. “Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster” will help you regularly clean these background apps to keep RAM clean. As a result, the game you are playing will operate more smoothly, everything will be easier than groping from the application to find what is causing the error.

When you exit the game, everything will work normally again, without causing any errors
This feature called “auto mode” helps players to be assured of the installation. When you play a game, you don’t want to be bothered by anything like calls, notifications, auto-brightness, Ringtone & Media Volume, etc. a particular type of installation for you. When you do not want to play the game anymore, these settings will return to the original. Users do not need to manipulate anything, just exit the game. Maximum usability is what “Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster” does.
Whitelist – as opposed to the Blacklist, which is not blocked when you play the game
There are notifications that you still want to receive while playing the game, just want to block another one. For example, you play a game while you are waiting for your partner to text you after she has finished her chores. You just want to block notifications from Instagram, Gmail, or other games; Messages from Facebook Messenger still need to be received, or messages from iMessage. The “whitelist” feature will allow notifications from the applications you need to be active while you are playing the game. Moreover, these applications are not cleared from the background when the application scans RAM to free up. Rest assured that everything can be customized to your liking without any unwanted side effects.