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Name Galactory
Package com.sandbox.god.simulator.strategy
Publisher Stavrio Ltd
Category Simulation
Version 1.8.1
Size 42M
Requires Android
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about GalactoryIntroducing life to a new planet!This Galafactory game's objective is to produce new life on a new planet. The creative adventure commences immediately. In additi...
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Introduce about Galactory

Introducing life to a new planet!
This Galafactory game’s objective is to produce new life on a new planet. The creative adventure commences immediately. In addition, the entire space of the Galactory is devoted to creative endeavors.

Galactory has been ranked as one of the greatest offline pixel strategy games for empire building and planet development in a short period of time following its release. There are numerous causes behind this accomplishment. I don’t think this game is all that enjoyable. However, after playing for a time and realizing many things for myself, I discovered a few fantastic ones that I had missed at first. Moreover, it is these factors that cause me to continue playing and grow fonder of the game with time.

Tasks are many, varied, and closely linked

On this faraway planet, you will have to begin from scratch when constructing a new life Collect resources and find shelter before forming larger communities including thousands of people. There will be disagreements amongst these settlements during this process. You will have to make the difficult choice of whether to unite or battle these organizations in order to safeguard your population and move on to a new objective: establishing a safe and high-quality way of life, thereby creating the groundwork for human resettlement.

According to the slogan, “Together, we can change the world,” the majority of jobs are interdependent. What you do will serve as the premise for the next task, and the outcome of the previous task will serve as the premise for the next task you complete.

Get many perks

Galactory is an intriguing sandbox system in addition to being a strategy game with tight logic and good ideas. In an open universe devoted to creation, you will have the freedom to do as you please along a predetermined path in the game. You will progressively develop your own ecosystem after introducing the first few individuals. Each of these little actions can be performed according to your preferences and accomplish the desired outcomes: To ensure human survival, it is necessary to plant trees, supplement livestock, locate water sources, and combat wild animals. Even if you lead an uprising against the hostile forces surrounding you, it is up to you to decide whether to stage a civilized revolution and unite the lands. Choosing which individuals to be friends with and which to oppose leads to a variety of outcomes. As the founding god of the new world, you will have the freedom to do as you choose.

The sandbox environment is also a place for tactical and strategic minds to showcase their talents

While assigning people to perform modest tasks, you will spend the majority of your time imagining creative ways to overcome nature and the numerous obstacles that present in this location. Because, in addition to daily responsibilities, you must figure out how to survive a sequence of earthquakes, devastating floods, meteor showers, volcano eruptions, viral pandemics, atomic bombs… Like the Earth, yet there are more harmful things than you realize. All of these misfortunes are primarily the result of initial actions, whether deliberate or unintentional.

For instance, you may design your own seas, oceans, enormous islands, and continents with a single click. From there, everything expands on its own, either invading the land or destroying the world by causing natural disasters. Everything depends on you.

Graphics and sound

Galactory is a pixel-based game, yet the amount of detail and refinement is truly astounding. This game should not be played with the screen zoomed in; instead, it should be played with the screen set to its default size. It will be a bit challenging at first if you are unfamiliar with this type of layout, but you will find it to be quite fascinating after a while. Everything is simplified and sped up by the pixel style. In addition, there is no need for excessive complexity, thus the capacity is fairly small. Although I’m not a huge fan of pixels, I applaud the maker for taking this intelligent step.

There is not a significant amount of auditory information, but it is sufficient to generate excitement, particularly during team battleship. However, I believe this is a positive development, as tactical games should be a bit muted so that players can concentrate on the game.

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MOD APK version of Galactory

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: It is possible to spend even if there is not enough money.

Download Galactory APK & MOD for Android

Currently, Galactory is only playing in solo mode. I heard that there will be a multiplayer mode shortly, which is expected to be exciting and interesting. The game has many languages, so you can rest assured that the story and sandbox creations will be very specific and easy to understand.