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Name FOX Weather
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Version 2.0.1
Size 36M
Requires Android 6.0
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Introduce about FOX WeatherNow includes a story and video in the weather forecast!FOX Weather is a weather forecast application that will blur ...
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Introduce about FOX Weather

Now includes a story and video in the weather forecast!

FOX Weather is a weather forecast application that will blur the distinction between watching the weather report on television and on mobile.
Are you prepared to view stunning weather images?

Forecasts in an accurate time (whether short or long periods)

FOX Weather offers comprehensive weather coverage. Along with basic indicators such as temperature, humidity, rain, sunshine, and wind during the day by time zone, the application also displays Dawn/Sunset, AQI, rain chart, high and low temperatures, weather warnings and forecasts, precipitation volume, dew point, wind speed and gusts, UV index, cloud coverage, and a variety of other useful air quality data throughout the day. All plans can be correctly forecasted using this set of weather data.

With FOX Weather on your phone, you can examine weather forecasts across a wide range of space and time: how the weather varies throughout the day, the forecast for the next 14 days, and an endless history of weather details from the past.

FOX Weather is not constrained by physical spatial constraints. You may browse weather data for any location in the world in as much detail as you like. Simply type the location into the application’s search box, and the map will move to that location immediately, displaying weather details for that area. Then refine your search by time period to obtain the desired weather forecast. FOX Weather’s search and filtering capabilities are also rather efficient, requiring only a few keyword searches and a tap to pick on the feature bar.

You can select between hourly and daily views for each area you need to reference when using FOX Weather. When this time period is observed, the most detailed weather variance is always updated 24 hours a day on the program, allowing users to monitor and make timely adjustments.

Specifically, using the forecast feature of configurable time, FOX Future View, you may plan major events (travel, wedding, celebration, family reunion…) about a year in advance. And throughout, the app will send you an alert if any of the weather readings change, allowing you to make quick adjustments to your plan.

Get weather news, watch live videos of the weather, and more

FOX Weather appears to be the only mobile application capable of utilizing the function of live streaming video clips regarding severe weather, odd events, or natural disasters… from the United States Forecast Group. Each event will provide you with a wealth of interesting and in-depth information, including the cause for formation, the course taken, the changes that occurred, the consequences, and a projection for the future.

FOX Weather videos feature clips from historical events and current occurrences, as well as forecasts for each location. Viewing these films provides more accurate warnings than other weather forecast applications, which just present them in words or numbers. This is an extremely uncommon feature, which I greatly enjoy. It enhances the vividness and realism of FOX Weather more than any other software I’ve used.

See fast, concise, and super-updated weather news

This combination of weather news and a weather app is not uncommon. However, with FOX Weather, you’ll get a diverse selection of weather news and stories from a range of angles. From the distant past to the present and future, from tiny weather events to huge hurricanes. Alternatively, if you have any queries about weather definitions, measures, or parameters, you can find them all here. All news on FOX Weather is obtained directly from the world’s most renowned meteorological organizations. Furthermore, all reports come from the Fox Forecast Center and are the most accurate, succinct, and up-to-date.

Interactive Radars

For instance, suppose you’re in a storm-prone area. To monitor the situation, you’ll want to examine the storm’s location, direction, and fluctuation. The Radar function on FOX Weather becomes extremely useful at this point. The interactive radar can be used to zoom in and out on certain areas. Additionally, while the radar is not zoomed in or out, the default position of the radar will be the place in which you connect to the application. This is a terrific feature for those of you who live in locations prone to natural disasters.

Additionally, you may utilize MyRadar’s Weather Radar  and  1Weather to keep up with the daily weather forecast.

Download FOX Weather APK for Android

It has a beautiful, concise, minimalist interface, and modern color scheme design, and detailed and attractive weather information with a series of unique features. If you do not have FOX Weather on your device, download and use it immediately. It will be a reliable companion that you will never leave.