Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor

Everimaging Ltd.
Name Fotor Photo Editor
Package com.everimaging.photoeffectstudio
Publisher Everimaging Ltd.
Category Photos & Videos
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Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Pro Unlocked
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Fotor Photo Editor: Create sweet nature-photos by yourself!When you have the camera in your hand, you anticipate a variety of dreamlike images of famous individuals that are frequently seen...
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Fotor Photo Editor: Create sweet nature-photos by yourself!

When you have the camera in your hand, you anticipate a variety of dreamlike images of famous individuals that are frequently seen on Pinterest or Instagram. However, in fact, the majority of us will be unable to accomplish the desired images with only a moderate budget. Now, what we’re searching for is a user-friendly, simple-to-understand, and instantly effective solution on the image. I tested Fotor and was impressed by this small but potentially powerful piece of software.

A photo editing app seems normal but definitely not “a big bowl of instant popular noodles”

If you’re familiar with other photo editing applications available on Google Play or the App Store, you’ll quickly realize that everything is as simple as “a bowl of instant noodles.” They all faded or became “too much,” from color to picture effects. Then you want a “treatment” in between these two extremes, a way to make the image more harmonic after editing while retaining its intrinsic natural character. Particularly for images of landscapes or people in natural settings (which is also Fotor’s speciality).

When I discovered Fotor, I studied numerous evaluations in order to avoid another disappointment. A series of photographs is waiting in my phone as I search for the appropriate app that meets the following criteria.

And when I really download and utilize it, I realize that the time spent reading the review was not in vain. Fotor is an excellent app.
There aren’t too many complicated factors or modifications to confound consumers unfamiliar with this advanced way of photo editing. Fotor features a user-friendly, intuitive, and modern UI. Each element is basic, focusing exclusively on the image.


In Fotor, there are 5 main features

Effects, borders and stickers adding

Fotor offers hundreds of special effects with perfect color indices that have been perfected by seasoned photographers in a range of styles: film, retro, kaleidoscopic, romantic, and vividly… Not only may you use one of them, but you can also combine them until you’re satisfied.

The visual outlines will accompany the effects. Fotor offers over 100 unique frame styles to let you “frame” your images for important occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s, and birthdays. The significant difference between this function and the other applications I previously used is that the frame in Fotor is multi-color, but all of the colors are pleasant, current, and cool.

Anyone who wants to add a little extra flavor to an image (particularly photos of people against a landscape background) can do so by adding a sticker in one of over 200 distinct themes. And Fotor’s stickers aren’t your typical brat-type.

Set of features is for personalizing your photos

Specifically, Fotor has a range of capabilities that enable you to swiftly puzzle your photographs, eliminate typefaces, change the background, and collage, as well as a series of basic image editing tasks such as filter, crop, and rotate. This set of Fotor features is extremely fascinating in my opinion, and the output image is quite natural.

Additionally, you may use this feature set to stitch numerous photos together based on the available layouts. When I use this new jigsaw function, I get the impression that it is not dry, that there is no repetition, and that there is decent interference. Ascertain that it is distinct from the existing Instagram collage.

Set of image processors which is dedicated and detailed as done by a photographer

If you require more advanced and elaborate photo editing with all the parameters from A-Z to completely transform the image, Fotor can assist you. A list of indicators is displayed; all you have to do is choose, touch, and flip your finger to select the number of each indicator and view the outcome. Adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation, shadow, front and back highlights, noise, and dark angles are all available, as are more detailed adjustments such as healing, highlight, and so on.

If you cannot be patient enough like a real professional photographer, you can use Fotor’s Auto feature

Your image will be altered by the AI as a result of the AI’s accumulation of user history. It may or may not be lovely, depending on the individual, but the standard is correct. From here, you can make a few additional adjustments to suit your tastes. It will save considerable time in comparison to manually tweaking each parameter, like in the third feature set.

Finally, the axis editing feature is a huge difference of Fotor compared to other photo editing apps

This function allows you to direct attention to a certain subject by adding depth to the image, giving the impression that it was photographed in a studio or outdoors with the full prop of a powerful ekip. This effect is considerably more effective when used with photographs that have a monochromatic background. Occasionally, the image appears to be so beautiful that you lose track of the original.

After editing, you may download the file to your device or share it via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with a single click.

MOD APK version of Fotor Photo Editor

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Pro Privileges

  • HD Stock Images
  • Unlimited Design Resources
  • Premium Editing Tools
  • No Ads

Download Fotor Photo Editor MOD APK for Android

What's Latest New Fotor Photo Editor

* New feature of AI Cutout: Easily remove the background of your photos.* New introduction of Fotor Pro features & materials.

With Fotor, you don’t need to be a professional photographer, you just need to have passion and a little trick.
Wish you the best experience with Fotor.
Download the app to use here.

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