App Name Firefox Browser
Publisher Mozilla
Genre Apps
Size 55.6MB
Latest Version 91.4.0
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Update September 1, 2021

Today, the Internet is seen as a second office, a teacher, and sometimes a medical advisor, even if your actual doctor wants you not to look for your symptoms online. It seems to be essential than ever, seen as an indispensable part of human life such as electricity and water. Therefore, choosing the best browser for you is very important. So Firefox Browser is born purely for you. It must be said that this version has been redesigned with many changes to run faster, easy to use, customizable, and private to give you a safer and faster experience. Try to have yourself a complete experience with this app!

Applications are now faster and more compact
No one likes their computers to consume a lot of RAM, right? Don’t worry because Firefox is a small browser and uses less RAM than Chrome; your other programs can run at the fastest speed. Besides, the application also handles multitasking with many cards at the same time, it is getting easier and more comfortable, without delay affecting your experience. Now it’s a multi-threaded browser, your tags stay there and don’t have to reload, and switching between tags is more comfortable even if you open more tabs. Not only that, but the application also leads the technology to run 3D games at almost natural speed to bring better performance to online games.
Extensions are like apps
Applications will arrange your tabs as tiles or in a tree, placing them next to the browser. It helps you manage multiple identities and inactive tabs. It can be seen that the Firefox Browser puts security first because it protects your privacy in all products. By storing too much user data, some hackers can steal your information. That is why this application keeps a minimal amount of information about the user. It also provides tools to help you track your account, such as Firefox Monitor, which will alert you if anyone has compromised your account. One unique feature is that you can also search for images, improve the video experience, audio balance, and other favorite media tools.

Consumes less memory than other browsers
Each program you run will consume a portion of memory, and when memory is used too much, your computer will slow down. Therefore, the application aims to balance the use of enough memory for you to browse the web smoothly and still leave the majority of memory to help the computer perform better. And if your computer has low memory, this latest version with multithreading technology will help it spend more memory running your favorite programs. Besides, you can explore the web faster with “Firefox private browsing mode.” As a result, it can counteract and block ads with load trackers on web pages. This means the web will load faster.
More protection, less anxiety
Sharing is just showing interest, but that should start with you. The app’s private browsing will automatically delete your online information like passwords, cookies, and courtesy from your computer. So when you close it, you won’t leave any traces behind. Some websites and ads may be found that insert hidden tracking programs to collect the information your browsing leaves after you leave. Only this app’s private browsing mode can protect you and block them automatically.
Successfully unlocking the password manager
It is quite familiar that you often forget your password. Now thanks to the password manager, the app keeps all your passwords so you can log in automatically or find saved passwords easily. Sometimes there are more retries while you are trying to get somewhere. Sign in to your Firefox Account on your phone, and your password will be included with you. You can even get a second layer of protection with the app’s myriad password management utilities.
Some application features
With the Firefox Browser, you can easily change the look of your browser. There are thousands of themes to create with skins you can choose from. And let your bookmarks organized and sorted by star bookmark icon, which allows you to add name and folder options easily. Keep your favorite sites with you wherever you go and on any device from desktop to mobile. Another point is being able to work more precisely with the bookmark management utility. “Firefox: Fast & Private” is an application worth using because when you choose Firefox, they are sure to choose you.