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Version 1.0.3
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Introduce about FINAL FANTASY II"If you're familiar with Final Fantasy. No reason exists not to play FINAL FANTASY II ", remarked gamers. I ...
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Introduce about FINAL FANTASY II

“If you’re familiar with Final Fantasy. No reason exists not to play FINAL FANTASY II “, remarked gamers. I did not believe it till I played this game on a vintage console. This game occupied a great deal of my time. Then, as I matured, I stopped playing the game.

But I learned one day that FINAL FANTASY II had been adapted on mobile platforms. I instantly downloaded and played the game, and I couldn’t resist but write this review to let you know.


In the land of Fynn, four young orphans named Firion, Maria, Guy, and Leon have many adventures. Their parents and family perished in the Palamecia empire’s assault. The despotic emperor’s lust for conquest prompted him to employ magic to raise four horrible monsters. Lucky to be saved were Firion, Maria, and Guy. Together, they grew up with the objective of battling four monsters, destroying the empire, bringing down the terrible king, and locating Maria’s missing brother Leon.

The lengthy journey unfolded with numerous unexpected turns. The plot of FINAL FANTASY II is the most complex, extensive, and remarkable of all gaming series.

There was a pleasant conclusion to the narrative. Evil has been destroyed, the country’s future is bright, and the individual who was destined to die has passed away. Leon, though, remained disturbed by all of the occurrences. The story of Part II came to a temporary conclusion when Firion allowed Leon to leave as he wished, but always wished for him to remember that here, in Fynn, there was always a place for him to come anytime he chose.


Almost all of the enchantment of the original remains in this revival. Moreover, it includes a number of enhancements and controls that make the game easier to play and better suited to mobile platforms.

Since its days on older GameBoy platforms, FINAL FANTASY II has been renowned for its unusual skill leveling system: there is no equation leveling system. Now, when it returns to mobile, this revenue-generating element is, of course, maintained. In accordance with this, the characters’ qualities will be augmented during encounters based on each individual’s fighting style, unlike in the majority of RPGs.

In particular, instead of collecting points after each combat, the player will build skills based on the moves he frequently employs. If a character frequently employs magic in combat, for instance, his magic stat will have more experience points than those of characters that specialize in punching blows. Depending on the needs of the fight, this individual’s magic stats, HP, and MP will all increase concurrently. Ultimately, whoever uses HP the most will receive the maximum HP growth, and whoever uses MP the most will increase the MP stat.

You will encounter a large number of side characters throughout the journey. Remember to converse with them with energy, and do not go too rapidly. Why? Because there is always a piece of secret information hidden someplace, there is always a clue to lead you in a new direction or decode a small secret related to the story’s development.

You can also try other games like FINAL FANTASY, Soul Knight and Stickman Legends.

Graphics and sound

Still the original elements, but modified to be deeper, richer, more beautiful, and more bright than before. All of the famous character designs produced by the artist Kazuko Shibuya on pixel graphics will transport you back to your childhood, when you still used an outdated game system.

The music is also preserved, retaining the original compositions by Nobuo Uematsu but altered to be more fluid and expressive.
Not content with merely updating and enhancing the classic game’s visuals and audio, the developers have added new features. In addition, a variety of mobile-specific features are introduced naturally and seamlessly. Modern improvements have been made to the interface and touch controls. For newcomers to the game, there is an auto-battle mode option… All of these demonstrate the developer’s considerable effort to reintroduce to today’s youth a history that never grew old.


MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download FINAL FANTASY II APK & MOD for Android

The pixel game is a remake of a very popular Final Fantasy game, in terms of gameplay, a unique upgrade system, and an attractive character line and storyline. For those who want to find their childhood with the Final Fantasy game series, let’s download and play right away. For those who do not know what Final Fantasy is and what it is special about, please download it here, the essence of which is in this FINAL FANTASY II part. I believe that it will never disappoint you.

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