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Introduce about FilmigoVideo Maker of Photos with Music and Video EditorWhy are videos and photos becoming more important?Social networks were created, evolved, and have nearly...
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Introduce about Filmigo

Video Maker of Photos with Music and Video Editor

Why are videos and photos becoming more important?

Social networks were created, evolved, and have nearly become vital for anybody who uses the internet. Since then, videos and images have grown in importance. They are a reflection of an individual’s “artistry” and demonstrate his ingenuity, playability, and appeal.

For instance, if you want to fast become “popular” on Facebook, Instagram, or Tiktok, you must have distinctive videos and images. And if you’re not looking to become a celebrity, creating high-quality “content” in the form of outstanding movies and photographs will gain a lot of attention from your online friends. Life should not be a simulation. However, given the fast changing world environment and the possibility of a global pandemic, it is difficult for people to avoid living a virtual life.

Among many options, which one is for you?

To be honest, despite the abundance of editing applications, I was unable to locate one that met my needs due to a variety of factors such as a lack of features, excessive advertisement, etc. After all, I’ve discovered my “destiny,” Filmigo. Filmigo is, by far, the best photo and video editing application I’ve used. There is nothing more to say because you are all familiar with these types of applications. I’ll focus exclusively on Filmigo’s primary distinctions. You can download it if you share my taste.

Semi-professional photo and video editing tools

I disagree with anyone who claims that altering images on a mobile device is professional. In comparison to the huge program, the image is magnified and modified on the large PC screen using the “expert” standard. And the content we share on social media on a daily basis is at best semi-professional or amateur. Between these two categories, I would classify Filmigo as “semi-professional.”

Filmigo offers a comprehensive set of tools for editing photos and films, ranging from basic to advanced, detailed to broad, such as cropping, adding stickers, adjusting filters, applying various effects to images, adjusting color tone, brightness, contrast, and shadows… To make matters more complicated, there is skin editing, backdrop shifting, cropping the subjects in the shot, and stitching over another image… After all, we can assemble a collection of photographs into a little video and then add background music.

Everything you’d expect from an orthopedic editor is included in this volume. All major and minor characteristics are represented by icons at the bottom. Adjust the level by touching the symbol and observing the image below alter proportionally till you are happy.
After you’ve finished editing, you may save it to your device or share it immediately to social media using the application’s share button.

Combining both photo and video editing

Unlike some other software that focus exclusively on editing or video editing, Filmigo combines the two. With a single download, you’ll be able to do identical operations on both static photographs and animated videos. It’s simple to understand and use, as opposed to running two independent applications concurrently. Filmigo’s ability to save time and memory capacity is one of the reasons I enjoy it so much.

Create videos in Filmigo

There are three ways to create videos with Filmigo. One is to use the app’s camera to record yourself. The second method is to load the video from the phone’s storage. The third method is to merge static photos and then add sound effects and animation to finish the video.
If the first approach is to record directly within the application, you can edit the recording straight during the recording process. In the case of techniques 2 and 3, post-production editing will be required after the movies and animations have been entirely submitted.

Edit videos with a powerful set of tools

Filmigo is not as in-depth as computer software, but it is also not as shallow as many mobile video editing tools. It is equipped with a robust collection of video editing capabilities. Cut, link videos together, create memes, edit volume, dub other sounds for videos, record your own voice, choose from a collection of effects, themed stickers, zoom in and out, perform slow motion effects, special transition effects, and color correct the entire movie.

Apart from that, let’s talk a little bit about Filmigo’s music catalog. There are numerous musical genres, ranging from classical to popular. All songs are copyrighted, so there is no need to worry about sharing them on social media later. Additionally, you may enable the voiceover option, change your voice to that of a robot or a monster, or adjust the tone of the video to make it more vivid.
After the video editing process is complete, it will be possible to output in HD 720P / 1080P resolution without compromising the video’s quality or runtime.

You can also try other apps like FilmoraGo and InShot.

Compress and share videos

Each movie, regardless of its length, has a sizable storage capacity. As a result, you’ll need a lot of storage space on the device to save. Filmigo’s approach is to compress the video before to saving or sharing it with friends and relatives.

Filmigo compresses video automatically with just one or two taps. When extended, the video will preserve its original image quality. Compressed video files of this type also provide an additional layer of security for users, since you can password-protect the entire file. If you’re sharing, there’s no reason to split it. Only those with the password are able to get in and view it.

MOD APK version of Filmigo

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked

What’s more in Filmigo VIP?

  • No ads
  • Export 4K videos
  • Edit 4K video
  • VIP palette
  • Remove watermark
  • Export videos over 5 minutes
  • Audio Exporter
  • More than 1000 resources
  • VIP features

Download Filmigo APK & MOD for Android

What's Latest New Filmigo

1. Optimize the brush feature and add more brush2. New background materials3. Optimize voice changer feature4. Bug fixes and performance improvements

In short, Filmigo is an easy-to-use application with both video and image editing, unique compression and a huge collection of sounds, effects. You guys should download and try now.

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