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FiLMiC Pro

Filmic Inc.
Name FiLMiC Pro
Package com.filmic.filmicpro
Publisher Filmic Inc.
Category Photos & Videos
Version 6.19.2
Size 70M
Requires Android 7.0
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Introduce about FiLMiC ProWhat is FiLMiC Pro?At the moment, smartphones come equipped with an increasing number of sophisticated cameras. Not only do individuals want to preserve...
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Introduce about FiLMiC Pro

What is FiLMiC Pro?

At the moment, smartphones come equipped with an increasing number of sophisticated cameras. Not only do individuals want to preserve important moments from their daily lives, but they also want attractive, sparkly frames to post on social media. This is something that FiLMiC Pro can assist you with.

FiLMiC Pro is a video camera for cellphones developed by Cinegeni. While recording, the program supports a variety of functions, including portrait orientation, horizontal orientation, and anti-shake.

FiLMiC Pro is preferred because of its robust recording support. While the smartphone’s default camera is limited to recording in automatic mode. Additionally, users of FiLMiC Pro can edit live video as it is being recorded. This will significantly reduce the amount of time required to complete the task.
Additionally, you may easily and rapidly share newly recorded videos on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Video recording for Android

FiLMiC Pro enables the highest-resolution video recording. With the flexibility to focus, alter the brightness, use conventional shooting modes, or manually tweak the noise filter, you can capture high-quality films with your smartphone.

When someone suggests that you use this app, there is no room for hesitation. Because it is equipped with enhanced pixel retrieval and self-tuning capabilities in addition to the standard functions. With that processor’s capabilities, FiLMiC Pro deserves to be ranked #1 in comparison to current editing tools.

High-quality video output

FiLMic Pro can achieve a certain level of quality depending on the settings and resolution of the device. Although the greatest video quality is 4K, you can modify it to a lower resolution, such as 2K, 1080p, or 720p, to avoid overtaxing the processor and memory.

Additionally, FiLMiC Pro enables additional camera intervention. If you’re using a standard camera, customizing the parameters to shoot the film in this manner will be inconvenient and complicated.

Remember to configure the audio specifications, in particular. The stereo system can be used if you have an external microphone. In other instances, your device’s built-in microphone is used.

Anti-vibration feature

Occasionally, a memorable moment presents itself. You scramble to save the scene with your smartphone or camcorder. However, the end effect is a choppy video with a fuzzy image. It’s truly unfortunate. If you had a gimbal or a phone with an anti-vibration setting, you would have gotten what you desired.

However, if you use FiLMic Pro, you will avoid these issues and will not require any additional software. When you rotate manually, the app itself is anti-shake, even when the smartphone is moved or tilted. It is recommended that you set the frame to 30 to maximize the effectiveness of the anti-shake system.

Additionally, FilMic Pro is capable of pre-recording color editing. Saturation and Vibrance will be used to accomplish this. Additionally, you can instantly restore the video’s color. With presets and filters available, capturing videos in dark, light, or even black and white is no longer a challenging task.

Elegant interface

FiLMic Pro’s UI is quite streamlined and pleasant to use. The menu is organized scientifically on the left side of the screen, which makes it easy to operate while recording.

Additionally, the indicators for color, focus, exposure, and zoom may be modified easily. Simply drag the sliders that are displayed on the screen.
The most powerful video recording pixel analyzers are Zebra, Clipping, False Color, and Focus Peaking. As a result, your film/video will be of significantly higher quality without requiring extensive editing. If you’re still not satisfied with the app’s default settings, you can alter them to fit your specific preferences. The application matrix calculates the white balance setting and adjusts it in response to changing environmental conditions.

After that, you’ll be able to quickly manage your images and videos, as well as sync them to the Cloud for secure storage.

MOD APK version of FiLMic

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Unlocked: All premium features have been unlocked.

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What's Latest New FiLMiC Pro

Several improvements and fixes.

FiLMic Pro provides all the tools you need to create professional-quality movies and videos. This app will satisfy all those who love recording video with smartphones.

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