Sports FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer

  • Publisher: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Version: 13.1.11
  • Category: Sports
  • Size: 82M
  • Update: June 17, 2020 at 4:04 am
  • Available at: Google Play


FIFA SOCCER 2019 – Sports market at the end of this year is gradually becoming hotter than before. At this point, the season is at its end, and the club’s players start transferring players. The changes and changes in the status of the clubs make their personnel change. And this invisibility, in turn, led to the turmoil in the market of sports simulation games. And football games are one of the most attractive markets.

Maybe you do not know, recently KONAMI has also released PES 2019 test on Android and iOS. FIFA action could be a response to KONAMI. To know where the game is, let’s wait a while.

The most anticipated sports game of the year

We can see that the current football games like FIFA, Football Manager or Top Eleven have started updating their 2019 version. They all have new features to attract players as well as bring improvements to satisfy their longtime players. The FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019 is a brand new EA football product launched on Google Play yesterday with its beta version. After only a few hours it has reached over 100 thousand downloads on this medium. Indeed, this is an excellent signal for a football game that has just been released. In the future, it will probably be on the same level as the names mentioned earlier.

New club, new player, new football field

It basically resembles most games of the same genre but is provided by EA publisher for the best graphics. This will probably be a product that receives regular care from this publisher. This is just the first look for the game, but there are no upgrades to stabilize the operating mechanism of the game. But of course, the test players still feel the essence in each battle.

Players can experience the game and see the first feature of the game on their own devices. Game size depends on the operating system you are using, but it looks likely to be midrange because the graphics of the game will be beautiful and full 3D. FIFA SOCCER Mobile 2019 will create a football field on the third view with the center ball.

Sum up

11 v 11 is still the basic mode of a football game so players will be playing a standard ball game. With just one analog stick and one right-hand button, you can control everything on the field. The game system will automatically identify the player in the direction of the ball, and you just manage them. Action buttons will also be flexible depending on the state of the ball in the yard such as sprint, pass, tackle, … This will make the player can manipulate more flexibility, to observe the situation and find opportunities to score.

Although the FIFA SOCCER 2019 game is in the beta test phase, players have been able to make full use of the feature. Even buy in-app. Those items will still be available even when the game launches the official version.