Farm Bay

Farm Bay

Yulonzo Limited
Name Farm Bay
Package com.manalotgames.farmbay
Publisher Yulonzo Limited
Category Farming
Version 1.6.4
Size 82M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features No
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Introduce about Farm BayJoin the slow life on the island by farming, raising animals, and treasure hunting!They said that if you want to feel exciting, play a shooting game; if you want t...
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Introduce about Farm Bay

Join the slow life on the island by farming, raising animals, and treasure hunting!
They said that if you want to feel exciting, play a shooting game; if you want to feel quiet and gradually enjoy happiness, try a farm game. That is also why, aside from shooting games, I occasionally crave a change of pace and a chance to unwind with a light, airy agricultural game.

There are no quests, no battles, no gore, and no bloodshed in the agricultural game. Simply taking a stroll about the farm and doing various tasks until the day’s end. By immersing yourself and passing the time in that warm, light-filled atmosphere, you’ll experience a sense of tranquility in your heart. Not only does it alter the emotional state, but it also eliminates the anxieties associated with the chaotic world in which we live. Farm Bay, which I think is fantastic, is one of the best farm games. You may choose to download it immediately upon viewing the review.


As is the case with many other farm games, Farm Bay begins peacefully, and the protagonist’s choice (“delete everything and start again”) welcomes you into a new life in a world much off from the norm.

You received a letter from two friends, Olivia and Ben, who wrote it by hand. The two explained that they had recently contributed money toward the purchase of a small farm on an island and invited their friends to join them in taking care of everything. You, too, were sick of life here at the time and lacked a wife and children at the time. As a result, you nodded and responded affirmatively. The truck arrived to deliver a few boxes, and you proceeded to the remote island. A true farmer’s new life began.

Farmer’s duties

You’ll begin by harvesting accessible crops, identifying and raising suitable livestock breeds, and planning to earn money by trading with the neighboring areas. After a while, as you become more accustomed to the job, you begin to develop recipes for your existing agricultural products, you identify additional profitable markets for agricultural products, and you seek to diversify agricultural products by adding fruit trees and a series of new breeding models with more diverse animals such as dairy cows, shrimp, and fish.

When you’ve spent enough time on the island to qualify as a true islander, you’ll develop a number of fascinating neighborhood ties. Each individual contributes a unique sense of adventure, a unique way of life and work to your life. Above all, they will serve as a “hint” to several other thrilling adventures on this beautiful island. Someone will accompany you to the sources of resources that will enable you to exploit and improve your farm’s production facilities.

Others take you on fascinating island tours. Certain individuals frequently force you into engaging in new and exciting activities, such as fishing or competing in islander tournaments. The conclusion will most likely be a treasure hunt with a neighboring brother; there will undoubtedly be treasures worth thousands of gold coins buried someplace on this tranquil island.

What can you do in this farm game?

Naturally, the primary priority will be raising animals, planting, trading, and exchanging agricultural products, followed by cooking and other odd tasks. Following that, you’ll have numerous opportunity to customize your farm, transforming Olivia and Ben’s somewhat barren land into a lush, green haven where every corner is lovely and profitable.

Then, you’ll compete in a series of village-wide competitions, both large and minor. You explore the island, seek wealth, and transform it into the most habitable, prosperous, and green environment possible.

Not only is life on the island hectic and vibrant, it is also poetic. Because the kind neighbors are constantly friendly and passionate in their greetings. They educate you, introduce you to games, and entice you into the allure of the green land. Make an effort to speak with each of them frequently; this will provide you with useful knowledge and a wealth of material to examine later. The majority of works on display here are by these village residents.

You can also try other apps like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Hay Day.

Don’t be so busy playing that you forget the big goals of the farmer

You are free to traverse the area and complete various quests. However, do not overlook the farmer’s obligation to manage such a large property. You will always need to monitor your field plots and maintain a balance between reserve crops and harvest/sale in order to avoid becoming complacent in any situation. As a competent farmer, you must continually look after your farm and trade agricultural products with villagers and neighboring villages in order to earn a profit.

And while you’re out with your neighbors, keep in mind that the objective is to locate and utilize mines in order to get precious minerals. Following that, embellish and enlarge the farm. Bear in mind that going by yacht is significantly more expedient.

On a regular basis, events on the island renew your experience through amusing small challenges with the residents. Additionally, it’s a chance to win significant prizes, which can include agricultural tools, new seeds, or new trading methods. Keep an eye out for these minigames.

Download Farm Bay APK for Android

Join your friends to build a majestic farm on a green island. This game has so many bright, beautiful graphics, fun music, many interesting neighborhood characters, and many minigames to relax. Let’s regain energy to start a new work week with Farm Bay!

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