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Name eSound
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Publisher Spicy Sparks
Category Music And Audio
Version 4.1.1
Size 32M
Requires Android 5.0
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Introduce about eSoundOnline music player and livestreamAt a time when there are numerous applications with similar genres, the only way to differentiate yourself is to create your pers...
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Introduce about eSound

Online music player and livestream

At a time when there are numerous applications with similar genres, the only way to differentiate yourself is to create your personal mark.

eSound, the manufacturer, has chosen this option. And after a few months of using eSound, my overall impression is that the app deserves to be maintained on mobile and used daily. It’s not because of the aesthetically pleasing UI or higher sound quality, but rather for its uncommon convenience, particularly in the ability to construct extremely personalized music collections.

Smart search, huge music library

Due to the fact that eSound is built on the YouTube Streaming platform, the music store can be described as vast. There are currently over 150 million free music available on YouTube, and this figure will continue to grow in the future. With this massive collection of assets, you never have to worry about not being able to find your favorite song.

Additionally, the ability to search and filter music must always be addressed. I’m also impressed by eSound’s intelligent music search capability. Simply type a phrase in the search bar, or even a specific starting letter, and you will immediately receive a series of drop-down lists of song titles beginning with that letter (in order of popularity). You may also search using more specific criteria such as song title, artist, album, single, or cover… All of these will produce precise outcomes with a plethora of possibilities. Simply navigate through the search results to locate what you’re searching for.

Unique music library creation feature

But above all, it is eSound’s highly advanced music library construction feature that has kept me away for so long. Finally, I decide to retain eSound on the phone for the time being.

In eSound, playlists can be created in two ways: as a Custom Playlist or as a Recommended List generated by the program. When you build a music collection in eSound, you have complete control over how you make playlists. For instance, when eSound’s search engine returns results, you can add any song to your playlist. Save it to your computer to listen to whenever you want. Or, if you enjoy a song from the app’s suggested list, you can bookmark it to add it to your categorized list.

Along with the self-created libraries, eSound keeps you updated on all the world’s Top Charts and the Most Popular Trending Playlists. There are a variety of genres ranging from classic to popular, as well as moods, countries, and places. eSound’s available list of popular music genres includes the following: Pop, Rock, Rap, RnB, Latin, Dubstep, Drum, Electronic…

What satisfies me is that each of the aforementioned List types are exceedingly straightforward to maintain, manage, and search. This feature is not uncommon in other music software, but tracking and managing details can be somewhat tiresome at times. This could be because the interface is awkward, the quantity of songs is limited, or the music library does not originate from the same source and hence cannot be merged into the same list. Fortunately, this problem does not arise while utilizing eSound.

The accessible lists are helpful because they are pre-formatted in a variety of different forms. If you wish to listen solely for the sake of enjoyment, you can select the continuous play mode, which will play the song continuously until it is shut off.

Managing the self-created playlist is a breeze. Create a new list by clicking the plus sign, and then drag your favorites into separate lists. It’s similar to utilizing Pinterest. That is also why I made the Playlist the centerpiece of eSound’s introduction from the start.

Awesome extra features

Additionally, controlling music with eSound is a highly convenient and enjoyable experience. As is the case with other well-known music players, everything is presented on the main screen, including lyrics, a stop button, a repeat button, and the ability to rearrange the order of songs in the playing list. User-friendly UI with buttons positioned in a way that anyone of any age may use it. I had used another music application, but switching to eSound took only a few clicks to become acclimated to.

The Sleep Timer is a modest but quite useful function. Simply choose your preferred music and then put the app to sleep by setting the sleep time. eSound will begin playing tunes and counting down automatically. The program will gradually fade out until the clock hits zero and then switch off altogether, allowing you to comfortably fall asleep without having to worry about turning off the smartphone.

You can also try other apps like Shazam and Lark Player.

Download eSound APK for Android

eSound is, in essence, just one of the best mobile music apps available today. You can listen to music anywhere, anytime on eSound, even offline. In here, it is natural to enjoy your favorite songs, good tunes, style, personality and trendy. The app does not require an account registration and does not have any limitations in the process of listening and using. Those who like convenience and friendliness, especially when creating personal playlists, should try eSound.

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