Endless Nightmare

Endless Nightmare

707 Interactive: Fun Epic Casual Games
Name Endless Nightmare
Package endless.nightmare.horror.scary.free.android
Publisher 707 Interactive: Fun Epic Casual Games
Category Arcade
Version 1.1.3
Size 115M
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features VIP Unlocked
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Introduce about Endless Nightmare707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Popular videogame publisher Epic Casual Games. Several of their goods, such as Sniper Honor ...
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Introduce about Endless Nightmare

707 INTERACTIVE: Fun Popular videogame publisher Epic Casual Games. Several of their goods, such as Sniper Honor and Ninja’s Creed, have millions of daily gamers.

Its first horror game is Endless Nightmare. The changes are currently in development and include new features. Before delving into the gameplay of Endless Nightmare, let’s summarize the content of the game you’ll be experiencing.

Opening scene

James Douglass, a police officer, is the hero of Endless Nightmare, which opens with a massacre. While he was on duty, his wife and daughter were brutally killed in their own residence. This prompted James to want to capture the murderer, punish him, and make him pay for his brutality.

James learned unintentionally that the offender was hiding in his home while he was gathering evidence and attempting to uncover the truth. After then, frightening occurrences continued. James thinks he has just been sucked into an eternal nightmare. And it appears that nothing has yet transpired.

Find the truth in your own home

In Endless Nightmare, you will play as James, the protagonist, and your aim will be to discover clues to catch the murderer who murdered his wife and daughter.

The setting is your home. To gather hints, you will travel everywhere. During this process, the system will provide you with a few suggestions regarding the place you must visit. On the initial expedition, I was instructed to go to the second-floor bedroom. There is a missing picture of Lisa, a scrap of newspaper, and a phone containing text messages from strangers. Following these footprints, I discovered the divorce notice that Lisa had composed, which revealed that James and his wife had previously argued.

Unlocking of fresh content is ongoing. You’ll be directed to numerous locations of the house, where you’ll discover new clues. You are responsible for collecting them, placing them in a bag, and then piecing together the correct answers. This is the manner in which the inquiry will be conducted.


You know, however, that you are not alone in the house. This location is similar to a nightmare, with horrifying elements. There are apparently numerous demons there. In search of life, they travel along pitch-black passageways. You must avoid them until the truth about the deaths of your wife and daughter is revealed.

Endless Nightmare is significantly more tough due to the demonic element. You do not have much time to explore the house’s various rooms. Before being arrested, you must swiftly uncover clues and locate an acceptable hiding spot. The closet is an intuitive and secure location. Through the slit, you can study the ghosts’ behavior and choose the optimal time to resume your investigation when they depart.

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A horror game is not for the faint of heart

As soon as the player launched the game, the developer prompted them with a notification. This game contains numerous frightening and bloody elements. It simulates scenes of murder, including cadavers. Therefore, players should examine whether or not their morale or health are insufficient. Endless Nightmare has a content rating of 16+.

Realistic graphics

Why am I of the opinion that Endless Nightmare is not a game for the faint of heart? By the time you reach the beginning of the first chapter of the game, you probably already know why. The eyes are continually assaulted by several terrifying factors. There were bloodstains on the walls of the darkened hallways. You are being seen by dolls positioned in the corner. The victim’s body was found in bed, adjacent to a pool of blood and a letter of death written prior to death. Blood-stained knife was held by the witch with long hair. All of this, coupled with frightening sounds, creates a terrifying scene.


MOD APK version of Endless Nightmare

MOD feature

VIP Unlocked: All paid content has been unlocked.

Download Endless Nightmare MOD APK for Android

Endless Nightmare is a fun, scary experience, and packed with sensational elements. If you are someone who likes thrills and newness, this game will satisfy you.

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