Dream Town Story

Dream Town Story

Name Dream Town Story
Package net.kairosoft.android.miniature_en
Publisher Kairosoft
Category Simulation
Version 1.8.6
Size 47M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about Dream Town StoryTransformed into a mayorThe objective of this game is pretty similar to that of The Sims Mobile...
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Introduce about Dream Town Story

Transformed into a mayor

The objective of this game is pretty similar to that of The Sims Mobile and Home Street, in that you will be acting as a mayor in charge of leading and developing your town in order for it to become rich, expand, and offer happiness to everyone in the town.

You’ll begin by setting the path for your town’s development, designing the land, and recruiting residents. You must pay close attention to the lives of each family in your town in order to comprehend their circumstances and to assist them in adjusting to town life. Numerous elements, such as environmental concerns, landscapes, and social facilities, influence their decision to stay or relocate. As previously stated, everyone migrant has their own life; this gentleman enjoys playing games and eating cake, while the lady enjoys running in the park…

You must assist people in finding fulfillment and joy in life by adding landscaping, constructing parks, and expanding utility services across town… You’re going to smile! Truly remarkable, you will be overjoyed to see your residents content in the midst of a hectic daily routine.


Dream Town Story begins with the character creation screen, which allows you to provide stats to your citizens. HP, IQ, and work-related data are critical. These factors have a direct impact on your town; for example, a high Work index helps people find work, while a high HP index impacts the distance people can travel: your store can be visited frequently, which results in increased revenue.

Additionally, your residents exhibit additional characteristics: passion, charm, and ability. When residents have a decent job, they have more money, which means you will also receive more tax revenue. Additionally, you can construct additional structures and hire new residents.


To construct the buildings in this game, you will need to invest money. I’m a little underwhelmed with it because, unless you pay, you can only relocate a building twice per day. Consider the case when you put a structure in the incorrect location, in the center of your road, and you are unable to remove it. Money in the real world, not virtual money. As a result, exercise caution when locating structures.

“It’s fine; simply demolish and rebuild the structure,” I assumed you’d consider as well. However, deconstructing a structure will add expenses.

Be careful with your debts

This game emphasizes the issue of debt. When you begin building your town, you must borrow money from the game in order to cover the costs of construction. And after you become wealthy, the moment has come to repay your debt. Therefore, exercise caution in your decision-making, since if you construct an excessive number of services without inhabitants utilizing them, you will incur a massive debt. And it’s becoming increasingly difficult to repay the loan without demolishing the structures. My advise is to construct structures near your people if you do not already have one.

Online mode

Dream Town Story enables you to visit someone’s town, but not their actual one, which is the town portrayed in the game. If you’ve played the game, you’re undoubtedly already aware that the friends list is a password-protected area, meaning you can only add friends from your country. The United States can only have friends from within the country, Canada can only have friends from within the country, Japan can only have Japanese friends, and so forth.


As discussed previously, Dream Town Story is based on the simple 8-bit graphics technology. There is no need for stunning 3D graphics; Dream Town Story has won the gamer over with its basic, familiar style and interesting gameplay.

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MOD APK version of Dream Town Story

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Your money increases as you use.

Download Dream Town Story MOD APK for Android

Although there are still some features in Dream Town Story that make me feel unhappy. But if you want to play this game, you should try it. Dream Town Story now supports both Android and iOS platforms, which you can download via the links below.

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