App Name Drama Serial ‘Oye Moti’ isn’t What You Maybe Assuming
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Update April 13, 2021

The drama serial ‘Oye Moti’ has faced backlash over its negative title and misinterpretation of the storyline. Many people came forward on social media to share their opinion about the so-called 3rd-grade drama. Although the drama serial ‘Oye Moti’ highlights common social issues, people are taking it wrong.

Oye Moti Drama

The outrage about the drama serial started with the release of the 9th episode’s teaser. The social media platforms were flooded with posts about the stereotypical nature of the serial. Moreover, the people are talking about the ludicrous selection of the cast. The characters being played by the star doesn’t suit them at all.


The True Motive of Drama Serial ‘Oye Moti’

Oye Moti Drama

If we look through a broader perspective, the serial wanted to address the most common social issue in our society. The serial was all about body shaming and absurd beauty standards that are keeping many people from living happy life. But the setting of the serial wasn’t good enough to deliver the message in its true sense.

oye moti drama

Featuring a bold cast and unconventional storyline, the ‘Oye Moti’ drama serial hasn’t been up to the mark. The cast and storyline didn’t blend well to compel the audience. According to viewers, many cast members don’t fit in with the characters they’re playing which makes it feel artificial to watch. Moreover, each episode in the serial follows a different storyline featuring different cast members.

Oye moti drama

That’s why many episodes are over-the-top good and many are just ok. If you watch all episodes in the series, you’re more likely to understand the true motive of the serial; otherwise, you’ll take it wrong.

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