Racing Drag Racing (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Drag Racing (MOD, Unlimited Money)

  • Publisher: Creative Mobile Games
  • Version: 1.9.0
  • Category: Racing
  • Size: 39M
  • Update: June 16, 2020 at 10:14 am
  • Available at: Google Play


When it comes to racing games, Drag Racing cannot be ignored as one of the most famous games. It’s a simulation game about the same racing game, also called Drag Racing. So, compared to other racing games, what is so special about Drag Racing that it possesses the download number in the millions?


The style of drag racing is quite different. In each match, players will have to try their best to become the first destination. However, not just by speed, players also have to change the number every time the required level. This means that the player needs to accelerate along the way and press the gear switch button when the message appears on the screen. Just like that! To participate in the match, you only need to control two buttons only. It is simple to grasp, right? However, whether you successfully complete them or not, the question still lies to you.

Game modes

Drag Racing has many different playing styles, including modes like one on 1, or multi-player matches with real players. However, the main display only has two racing lanes. So, for each game on two people, the game will only show your vehicle only. And to show the final winner, the system will proceed to see who has the shortest time to finish. However, each match usually takes only a minute. At the same time, the Championships are also organized by the system throughout the playing process. Or, players can develop skills in the Career category. A bet racing mode also takes place if you are bored with the usual prizes.

Vehicle collection is constantly being refreshed

Drag Racing owns a large number of vehicles with many models. More than that, the car shop is constantly adding new models to satisfy its fans. The limited-car models on the market today are also brought in by designers to increase the attractiveness. Players can also easily find terrain vehicles like 4×4 in Drag Racing. Each vehicle will have its own unique features and characteristics. So, expand your collection by owning a wide range of different vehicles and promoting the effects of each individual vehicle.

Customize cars

Naturally, Drag Racing also allows the player to customize the vehicle’s parts or the paint colors which cover. Moreover, the game also brings stunning and unique stickers. They are all products from Sumo Fish and CIAY Studio. The use of stickers plus the design of the car to your liking will make your comrade unique.

Compact capacity

Drag Racing has fairly simple and easy-to-grasp gameplay, which doesn’t require a lot of viewing angles. So, the game must not be too polished in terms of graphics. However, this also made Drag Racing own a compact size and lightweight. So, most devices available on the market today have downloaded this game. Drag Racing only requires a minimum of 4.1 operating system. The game is suitable for those who want to find games with short playing time, to serve for a short time to be entertained in the office, for example.

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