App Name doubleTwist Pro
Publisher Music - Audio
Genre Apps
Size 26.9MB
Latest Version 3.4.5
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Update September 7, 2021

YouTube is considered as one of the most favorable platforms for users to come and enjoy music. However, if people want to enjoy the sound and get rid of the visual, and listen to music anytime, anywhere, they will look to music player apps. Music is an indispensable part of our lives, as they are diverse and vibrant in genre and style. And if you are looking for an advanced music player application and can bring music to you anytime, anywhere, doubleTwist is ready to serve you. It is one of the most influential music players, with many attractive and outstanding features to give users the best listening experience.

doubleTwist is a convenient music player that can help users enjoy all the music in their library. Therefore, the application needs to have a perfect and modern interface to give users a lot of experience. The app will introduce to the user an interface with a simple, user-friendly design, and at the same time, bring a new feeling to other music players. Also, the application’s interface is flexible, and there is a menu list that can be expanded at any time to guide users to other features. The app will even provide users with multiple shortcuts for users to access their favorite tabs. What’s even more interesting is that users can also personalize the entire application, and the interface can be changed to suit the user’s style.
doubleTwist itself is a versatile music player, but the most important factor is still giving users the best music quality. The app offers users many options for listening to music, such as finding online music or syncing their music library with the app. Moreover, the app can sync the user’s entire iTunes library, then bring it to Android for users to enjoy. Also, the online music search feature, which included in this app, will give users access to many new songs, even new variations released by other musicians.

Just giving users an online music library is not all, but it needs to have the best music player, including visuals and sounds. The sound quality of the app will always be guaranteed to be HD, and users can customize the sound of through the sound equalizer system. Users will be supported with many features, such as 10-band equalizer, gapless support, lossless sound with FLAC & ALAC playback. All are free, and users will always have the best music experience.
Music is divided into many different genres and is created by many talented musicians. Because of that, users can create their playlists and albums, and then name them to organize their library. The application will display the entire music library of the user in a variety of options, such as all songs, genres, and playlist, etc. Moreover, users can personalize the library themselves, making it more attractive and impressive, and have better experiences with their music library.
doubleTwist has a multitude of things for users to explore and experience while listening to music, as well as being supported with many advanced features to customize the app. The application will also bring users a variety of radio stations and podcast channels around the world. They will be included on the home page of the application and can be accessed quickly through the shortcuts. Radio Stations will continuously bring users random songs but belong to a specific genre, or of a particular singer or band. Meanwhile, podcasts will be talk shows, discussions, and a wealth of other content. All just to bring all information and music to the user’s ears and ensure that users have the best experience that other applications cannot have.
People always want to enjoy music together at meetings or parties. Because of that, they will carry a variety of assistive devices such as Bluetooth speakers and sound enhancement devices. However, the connection process is complicated, and it takes many processes to play music. But for “doubleTwist,” everything will be more simple, as users can play music directly to speakers and devices thanks to special support features of the application. Users can also customize the sound directly on the app and enjoy the best songs with friends.Music is one of the essential things in our daily lives, so music apps and devices are a necessity. If you are a music lover and are looking for one of the most powerful music players, doubleTwist is ready to serve you endlessly.