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Name Do It Later
Package com.hnib.smslater
Publisher Kant.
Category Communication
Version 4.6.6
Size 15M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
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Introduce about Do It LaterMessage and email timer applicationWhy did I need Do It Later?To be sure, there are situations when critical signals must be transmitted at a specifi...
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Introduce about Do It Later

Message and email timer application

Why did I need Do It Later?

To be sure, there are situations when critical signals must be transmitted at a specific time. To accomplish this, we’ll need some sort of reminder or schedule. Additionally, we may be engaged in other activities at the moment. And it will be considerably more inconvenient if there are a huge number of messages to be sent. What are the appropriate actions to take? You know, it would be fantastic if you could schedule the sending of all messages and they would be sent automatically. It’s possible to save considerable time and work, isn’t it? And, very surprisingly, Do It Later now has a timed mechanism for sending messages automatically.

Simply by downloading this one application, you will accomplish a great deal of work, not just as mentioned previously. For a long time, I’ve desired an app similar to this. Primarily due to my inability to remember. Occasionally, I fail to respond to a friend’s request due to a meeting, leaving them waiting an excessive amount of time for me. Occasionally, I forget to wish my loved ones a “Happy birthday” due to my continued busyness. Additionally, additional circumstances are terrible. You know, it was a very horrific event…

Naturally, there are a variety of applications available for download and use. However, Do It Later is the only thing that will truly assist me. Set a timer, and the app will send texts and emails on my behalf, set a reminder, and even update my status on Facebook and Twitter.

First impressions of the interface and usage

I’ve downloaded a number of timer applications from Google Play, but they’re not really thorough. That is, If you use a timer to send a message, you cannot schedule an email; similarly, if you use a timer to post on Facebook, you cannot set a Reminder, etc. Inconvenient, to say the least. Should we simultaneously download many apps to meet all of those needs? Absolutely not. I’m convinced that when you try Do It Later, you’ll feel as if you’ve met your ideal partner. Quite content!

Do It Later is a little program, weighing in at approximately 10-12MB. However, when contrasted to the number of truly helpful functions included, it is rather astounding. The interface is undoubtedly the first thing that catches the attention. Each element (text, colors, and the layout that organizes everything) in Do It Later is created in a minimalist approach, with only a few brief words in neat fonts and colors. Black and white are the two primary hues. It’s nice.

Following that, take a close look at the functions and how they are used. When you first use the application, you will notice three primary status buttons for the Content (Pending, Completing, and Cancelled). To begin creating content, click the (+) sign to the right of this status bar. Content will be one of Do It Later’s five primary capabilities, along with Sending Messages, Sending Emails, Creating Reminders, Posting Facebook Status, and Tweeting on Twitter. Do It Later will require a unique login and access method for each of these content types. For instance, in order to schedule an email, you must provide access to the email address you wish to use; similarly, in order to arrange a message, you must grant access to the phone directory.

You can immediately begin using the app after completing these basic access requirements. To create a timer, Do It Later provides a calendar in the form of Day, Year, Hour, and Minute, as well as a clock that you may customize to your preference.

Additionally, for the convenience of concerned users, Do It Later’s Settings section allows for more granular customization, including notification when tasks are done, alarm sound choices, and date and time format changes. You can intervene more deeply, particularly in the Advanced Settings section, by backing up, restoring, stopping the application, or deleting all existing content.

You can also try other apps like Signal.

Seamless extra useful features

Additionally, you may require the following features:

  • Allows users to send messages to receivers selected from their phone book or to an unknown number.
  • Numerous recipients are possible.
  • Text can be read aloud. This means you speak into the program, and it recognizes and converts your speech to text. It’s quite beneficial when you’re unable to type due to your busy schedule.
  • Encourages the formation of groups.
  • Provides a variety of templates from which you can choose instead of repeatedly writing the same message. This is advantageous when responding to emails or sending congratulations. It may be important in some instances if you need to assemble a conventional mess.
  • Additionally, there is a counter for the number of characters typed in the section Create new content.
  • Provides the ability to schedule repeat texting: you can set a timer for any time of day, week, month, or year. You can specify a future time when the loop should finish. Extremely convenient, particularly for keeping track of significant anniversaries.
  • Has a unique “Ask before sending” function. Prior to sending, the App will send you another notice asking you to confirm whether or not to send. It’s tremendously advantageous. This is an excellent function.

MOD APK version of Do It Later

MOD feature

Premium Unlocked

Download Do It Later APK & MOD for Android

What's Latest New Do It Later

- Minor bug fixes.

It is such a great application for people who are too busy and want to use technology to schedule everything in advance and be more proactive in their work. I tried Do It Later for 2 weeks. And so far, I am completely satisfied with its 5 features that are very clear and effective. I highly recommend you use it.

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