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Version 2.0.3
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Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about DEAD TRIGGERMADFINGER Games' DEAD TRIGGER is among their most successful titles. It has demonstrated that, despite its late rel...
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Introduce about DEAD TRIGGER

MADFINGER Games‘ DEAD TRIGGER is among their most successful titles. It has demonstrated that, despite its late release, it is not inferior to super-products such as SHADOWGUN LEGENDS and UNKILLED. You will like the sensation of combating zombies from the moment you enter this game. Prepare to engage in never-ending, brutal action combat.


On a global scale, an unexplained pandemic has emerged. It has converted humans into zombies, causing them to indiscriminately assault other living beings. The administration and the military have no control over the rapid spread of disease. This dreadful pandemic will soon have conquered all towns and nations on the planet.

The majority of humans become zombies. Few were the survivors. They attempt to endure in order to locate a cure for the ailment.


Not only is DEAD TRIGGER a first-person shooter, but it also includes role-playing, horror, and survival elements. You are free to move and operate in an expansive area. That means you can kill violent zombies in a variety of ways, according to your own preferences. The distinction between humans and zombies is the brain. Indeed, they are unable to think or formulate a plan. You can attract them to a specific location, then use explosives or massive bombs to cause their demise.

As you progress deeper into the city’s core, the zombies will become significantly more difficult to combat. You must maintain focus and a constant state of combat readiness. Nobody knows at the end of the road what awaits you.

Lots of modes

You have the option to play based on the plot. If not, proceed in the other direction due to the participation in an infinite number of quest sequences. There are over 10 distinct habitats to discover.

Besides campaign mode, you can engage in rescue mode for survivors in 4 different environments. Against these violent zombies, many individuals are unable of battling. You are their remaining hope. Rescue the unlucky victims by plunging into hazardous locations.

The game awards you a sum proportional to your performance in battle when you win a battle. Simultaneously, the system will unlock additional weapons and enhanced features for the main character. Participating in casinos can also result in the acquisition of additional funds or precious objects.
Dead Trigger 2 continues the war against the undead.


Guns are the most effective anti-zombie weapon. They have the capacity to destroy from a distance; do not give your opponents the chance to approach.
DEAD TRIGGER provides players with access to a vast and strong array of weapons. These firearms, such as the Colt 1911, Striker, Scorpion, and Minigun, are modeled after their actual counterparts.

If you like melee weapons with high devastation, Chainsaw and Brain Mill are alternatives available. In addition to firearms, the game has a range of melee weapons and explosives, including as swords, mines, laser-mounted guns, grenades, radars, and more.


You will be impressed by the game’s 3D visuals if you join. Realistic photos of superior quality and clarity. The effects are also incredibly smooth and dramatic, guaranteeing the best possible visual experience.

If you want to enjoy the game to its fullest, you need adjust the graphics settings to the highest level. However, a well-configured phone is also required for the game to work successfully.

You can also try other games like Apex Legends Mobile, N.O.V.A. Legacy and PUBG MOBILE.


MOD feature

Unlimited Money: You can buy items and upgrade weapons even if you don’t have enough money.

Download DEAD TRIGGER MOD APK for Android

DEAD TRIGGER has fast-paced shooting gameplay. The danger is always lurking in you, zombies appear constantly, sometimes you will need a few minutes of rest after a long fight. With graphics and attractive gameplay, it has a position in the list of favorite games of many players. What about you? Experience and leave a review to let us know!

Because of the violent element, the game requires players to be over 16 years old.

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