Dead Cells

Dead Cells

Name Dead Cells
Publisher Playdigious
Category Action
Version 2.7.8
Size 2G
Requires Android 7.0 Can play offline
MOD Features Unlocked, Unlimited Cells
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About Dead CellsCurrently, Motion Twin's highly acclaimed platformer game is accessible on the App Store.Indian games are growing in popularity and popularity among players worldwide. Mot...
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About Dead Cells

Currently, Motion Twin’s highly acclaimed platformer game is accessible on the App Store.
Indian games are growing in popularity and popularity among players worldwide. Motion Twin is an excellent illustration of this. A young and energetic team of ten individuals that is constantly transforming novel and even odd concepts into really outstanding games.

The dead warrior

Dead Cells excels in both aesthetics and gameplay, owing to a blend of fluid action sequences, dramatic obstacles, and hack ‘n’splash gameplay.
The game’s title relates to the protagonist: a parasite disguised as mucus infects the body of a deceased warrior, resurrects him, and thus the game begins. Life is magnificent! While you may appear to be a green shambles, the warrior’s body in which you inhabit is quite flexible, owing to the precise and smooth control mechanism.


The combination of a platform game with adventure and action was not unfamiliar to players. You are given a beginning weapon at the start of the adventure. Explore dungeons, upgrade weapons, acquire new weapons, and engage in combat with adversaries. Simply continue in this manner to complete the game. Each state contains strange stories, weapons, and energy that players can access.

Dead Cells’ map is broken into various sections. Each area is subdivided further into branches. You are allowed to explore each region independently, unlike in typical adventure games. After each step, the adversary becomes more powerful. If you choose to continue the journey, you must upgrade your weapons and talents. When fighting, keep in mind the most critical fact: “death is not the end.”


The joystick on the left works as a motion controller, while the buttons on the right allow you to do certain actions such as rolling to escape arrows or rolling over a small wall, jumping (and double jumping), tossing grenades, activating traps, and using weapons.

These buttons are small but well-organized, ensuring that you will never unintentionally press the wrong one. Even if the arrangement remains unsatisfactory, you can adjust the position and size of the buttons.

Additionally, the mobile edition of Dead Cells features a brand-new auto-attack option that assists your character in melee battle anytime an adversary enters a set range. This is an excellent approach to familiarize yourself with the game’s lightning fighting gameplay.

Explore the dungeon

You’ll discover a variety of loot, dozens of opponents, and traps while navigating the meandering and deadly mazes. The weapons you discover come in three distinct versions (classified by color). And the papers will assist you in increasing weapon damage and health.

At times, you may become confused by the variety of possibilities. However, the brave experiment with new weapons in order to develop new abilities and combinations, ranging from freezing bombs to three-way arrows, from throwing swords to blocking shields. Dead Cells is continually on the lookout for new methods to keep you on your toes. Each level is generated automatically, ensuring that each game offers a unique experience. Additionally, the arrangement of enemies will change to ensure that you do not feel subjective. The bosses will arrive unexpectedly amid the normal creatures – they will move quicker and unleash more powerful strikes, forcing you to defend.

At some time, you will collide and must restart your voyage from the beginning. However, there are numerous strategies to ease the voyage. Between regions, you can swap collected cells for unique items: for instance, your health regen can be enhanced so that you can drink more frequently when you run out of blood.


Additionally, you can turn in the discovered weapon design diagrams here, which can be used to unlock the ability to purchase. If you have the equipment necessary to retain a particular amount of money, you can quickly gather enough money to purchase high-end equipment and go through the first level.

Additionally, after defeating some unique opponents, you will obtain a form of paranormal power that is permanent. Some generate vines from green liquids, while others enable you to teleport between coffins, and the third enables you to leap through walls to to new heights.

You can also try other games like Worms Zone .io, Into the Dead 2 and Gangstar Vegas.

APK version of Dead Cells

With the APK version you can experience the original game. Only DLC Rise of the Giant and The Bad Seed are unlocked.

MOD APK version of Dead Cells

Why choose the MOD APK version?

At HOSTZFEVER, you can download Dead Cells APK completely free although this is a paid game. But if that doesn’t satisfy you, don’t worry. MOD APK version of Dead Cells will make you satisfied.

MOD features

Menu with features (Can turn on/off):

  • Unlocked DLC Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed & Fatal Falls
  • Unlimited Cells: You will have a large number of cells after using them in the game.
  • Free Shopping: Your money will increase when you spend.
  • The enemy does not attack

You should pay attention

You need to enable the MOD feature before click Play for the MOD feature to work.
If you don’t see the MOD Menu, please go to Settings -> Applications -> Dead Cells -> Allow appear on top.

Download Dead Cells MOD & APK for Android

This game will satisfy every type of gamer. The perfect example that illustrates this is the special doors you can only open if you reach certain goals. Sometimes you have to complete the goal within a strict time limit, giving you more goals to pursue after you are strong enough to play well in the first few stages. Sometimes the goal is to kill a certain number of enemies without getting hurt (that is perfect for the cautious players).

No matter what style you play, you will feel proud to improve every time you play. While the dead cells are constantly evolving into a mighty warrior, you’ll also love the Motion Twin’s platformer-action game masterpiece. The Android version of Dead Cells has been released, and you can download the APK or MOD version of Dead Cells. Subscribe HOSTZFEVER every day to update the latest news about this game.

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