App Name Cute CUT
Publisher MobiVio Solutions
Genre Apps
Size 17.6MB
Latest Version 1.8.8
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Update September 7, 2021

When the social network took the throne, it was followed by the advent of more and more video and photo editing applications to serve users. When users post photos or videos on social networks, everyone wants it to be the best thing, so they will often use editing apps to make it more beautiful. If there are too many image editing apps out there, what are the best video editing apps? That is the application Cute CUT – an application has a relatively high age in the market and is still used by many people. This application brings the best videos for users to share on social networks and others.

This app is not the first to be released, and it is not the only one, so if you have tried a similar application, you will quickly get used to it. Starting the application is the first thing that the user needs to do to use video editing. Next, you need to visit the gallery to find the video you need to edit to upload to the application. It will take some time for the app to finish downloading and be ready to work.

This amount of time is highly dependent on the device’s processing power and processing speed to decide whether it is long or short. Although there will be a difference between devices, it is not too much, so users do not need to think much. Once all is done, the application will display the tools and be ready for the user to edit the video. But before starting to use the tools, the user should take a moment to learn about what that tool has. If you can do this, your working speed and skills will be significantly improved. But if you do not do that, it is not too important a problem because users can still work well even without knowing anything about it.
User-friendly interface
The first thing that users will feel right after using the application is the interface of the application, and it is designed to bring user-friendliness. The interface of the application is designed that all needed is packaged on a single page for easy user use. If the user is not satisfied with the app’s layout, it can also allow the user to re-arrange the tools for ease of use. Users can quickly get the layout they need to use the tools most effectively. This app is the only tool that has this feature available to the user. Most applications on the market can not do this; only this application can bring this feature to the user only.
Merge video to video or photo to video
Usually, each video has only one thing, and it is impossible to add any other video together. But this application has a way to merge multiple videos into one video and play it at the same time as other things. The way to do this is to create a template and use videos to fill in the gaps in the template to make them fit into the same frame. If you do this, the image will be scaled, but in return, in a video, there will be many smaller videos. The application will provide users with many templates so that users can use and merge videos into it. Besides, this application also has a feature that is stitching photos into the video to make it look more attractive. For this feature, there is no need to go through an existing template, but directly join the photo into the video to complete. Users can decide how long that photo appears in the video, it can be a long time, or it may be a short time to disappear.
Transition effects
When stitching multiple videos together, there should be a transition effect between videos to make the video more interesting. So the application has provided users with a lot of transition effects to use when you want to stitch videos together. This feature is an essential feature to be able to create interesting videos. The effects that the application can provide are shadow, shade, and more for use in videos. The user can decide whether to use one for all or whether to use something different each time. It depends on what the video is for and many other reasons.