Name CrashMetal
Package com.stanislaw.CrashMetalGP
Publisher Crazy.devs
Category Racing
Version 2.0
Size 196M
Requires Android 4.4
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Introduce about CrashMetalCrashMetal is a brand-new racing game that was released in early August. CrashMetal was released during a period when speed games were gaining popularity because t...
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Introduce about CrashMetal

CrashMetal is a brand-new racing game that was released in early August. CrashMetal was released during a period when speed games were gaining popularity because to their realistic graphics, attractive fast-paced action, and continuous updates. It keeps a traditional flair while remaining contemporary. You may experience this great racing game with just a mid-range Android handset with 250MB of storage and the Android 5.0 operating system.


As previously said, CrashMetal features basic racing gameplay that can be found in a variety of different racing games. Participate in the race, work your way to the top, and eventually win. In essence, as such. However, you will encounter severe competition from other vehicles, who will not hesitate to cross your path, intrude on your lane, or even knock you off course.

To operate the car in CrashMetal, you must navigate the screen using a combination of five virtual buttons. The button to modify the left and right direction is located in the left corner, allowing the user to rapidly select the direction rather than tilting the device as some other racing games need. The right side contains the brake pedal, while the left side contains the gas pedal, which is used to accelerate or decelerate the vehicle. Additionally, there is a gear lever above, but it has only two numbers, forward and backward, and can be utilized in a variety of ways depending on the situation.

Players will have some time to settle to the track before entering it formally. Each race features a unique geography, and it is critical to become acquainted with them. Feel free to scout the circuit, practice drifting, or even leave the device… and make a cup of coffee; just when you’re ready to race, proceed to the allocated spot and the race begins. Follow the green arrows on the map, which represent the route of your track.

Modern super cars

CrashMetal’s car garage is highly diversified and plentiful. The cars in this game are not based on any real-world automobile manufactured by any automobile manufacturer, but rather on the designer’s imagination. From the early automobiles of the previous century to the most advanced and technologically advanced ones that are unattainable in real life.

Each type of car has a distinct price depending on its specifications but will generally improve in value as it ages. If you are passionate about a certain automobile, race frequently, and achieve a high rank, you will quickly accumulate funds from the reward associated with each race, which you can use to purchase the car of your dreams.

Additionally, CrashMetal’s vehicle customization option is really intriguing. When a vehicle is first purchased in CrashMetal, the default color is always silver-white. Indeed, they appear to be rather elegant and powerful, but if you like to customize them, the game provides a variety of colors, and decan appears to be quite personality-driven and strong.

Additionally, replacement parts such as new wings, lights, rims, or wheels can be attached to improve the look of your car. They have no effect on the performance of your car and are purely ornamental, so don’t hesitate to purchase.


CrashMetal’s thrilling modes are always available for your enjoyment. Career is the most common mode. Players will be grouped together with seven other cars to create a racetrack with varying degrees of difficulty based on each player’s skill level. This is also the primary source of revenue for players, since it enables them to purchase a car before to the big race.

Once you’ve gained sufficient confidence in your abilities by racing against the AI, you can test your abilities in a broader arena through online racing. The system will assign you and other players to a track automatically, allowing racers to compete. Essentially, it’s similar to playing offline; the only difference is that your opponents will now be real gamers with a wealth of knowledge and techniques at their disposal to throw you off course. Ascend to the top of the leaderboards to demonstrate your superiority as a racer.

You can also try other apps like GRID Autosport and Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Graphics and sound

Although the file size is only 250MB, CrashMetal’s graphics are quite impressive. Genuine three-dimensional graphics are engaged in painstakingly. CrashMetal’s models are modeled by real-world supercars, with no dead corners.

Outside, including structures and billboards, sound effects are as vibrant and shimmering. If Asphalt 8 receives a ten-point visuals score, I believe CrashMetal can confidently earn an eight-point score.

MOD APK version of CrashMetal

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

Download CrashMetal APK & MOD for Android

Not yet reached the blockbuster level, but CrashMetal with classic gameplay and beautiful visuals have also attracted many players when only released for 2 months. The game promises to bring a lot of fun for the car enthusiast with its own quality.

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