Simulation Cooking Diary (MOD, Unlimited Money)

Cooking Diary (MOD, Unlimited Money)

  • Publisher: MyTona
  • Version: 1.26.1
  • Category: Simulation
  • Size: 421M
  • Update: June 18, 2020 at 9:38 pm
  • Available at: Google Play


In the app stores, there are many different types of games. Each game is played at a different level. There are many games that players spend more time and require players to have more skills. Others play for only a few minutes with the aim of killing time or softly entertaining. Some games that players appreciate are AOV, Clash of Clan, Candy Crush, … If you are a fan of strategy games, want to create and explore Cooking Diary is a match game with you

Best Tasty Restaurant & Cafe Game

The game is designed in the 3D style and according to the 3rd perspective so that players can observe what is happening in the game such as the store or cook in the kitchen. The game’s graphics are excellent and eye-catching so that the game can attract many other players as well as receive positive feedback from installers. With the operating system required 4.4 or more, anyone can install and experience this game. Producers are always focused on ensuring the perfection of the products they make, so they always try to improve often. Correctly, the new version has just been updated on December 18, 2018, to ensure continuity during the player’s experience.

The game is set in a world-famous Tasty Hills culinary city where you will encounter many difficulties and obstacles. Some of the problems you can meet are food critics. Most of the revenue restaurants are getting less and less because of these comments themselves. Besides, because this is a culinary capital, there will be many other restaurants so there will be competition between each restaurant. And of course, sometimes there will be some negative factors that appear to make you encounter difficulties. This is the place where you will show your talents and judgment.

Experience the magic of cooking with millions of players over the world!

Specifically, you will find new dishes to attract more visitors. To contribute to our restaurant, it is evaluated more positively. Besides, the game also helps you connect with friends and others. In the game will often appear events and competitions that require solidarity. You can go with your friends to win, win and get a high award. Also, you can consult how to play from your friend if your dishes are not well received. You can ask the necessary things to be able to accumulate more experience. Besides, the attraction of many other depends on the appearance of the restaurant. The wider the restaurant, the more people will come to your restaurant on a regular basis as well as attract more gourmets.

Cooking Diary®: Tasty Hills is a game that makes you comfortable. With a simple way to understand, surely you will have time to have fun with your friends as well as assert your creativity to others

MOD Info?

  • Infinite game currency;
  • Removed connection to Google Play Games.

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