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Name Coin Master
Updated On
Package com.moonactive.coinmaster
Publisher Moon Active
Category Casual
Version 3.5.695
Size 58M
Requires Android 4.4 Network required
MOD Features Unlimited Coins/Spins
About Coin MasterSimple, community-based, and new-to-play games have long been popular with people worldwide. Coin Master is an illustration of this. If you're looking for a straightforward...
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About Coin Master

Simple, community-based, and new-to-play games have long been popular with people worldwide. Coin Master is an illustration of this. If you’re looking for a straightforward pirate-style game in which you “take” resources from your friends in order to create your own community, Coin Master is the game for you. You’ll convert into a pirate, earn money by spinning luck, or raid your friends’ village. Coin Master will provide you with an adrenaline rush.

Moon Active’s Coin Master is a pirate-themed game available on both Android and iOS. The game was built as a reimagining of all the difficulties encountered by the Pirate Kings and how they eventually killed. Your job remains to construct your own village. And you’ll be in charge of a pirate army tasked with seizing, destroying, and looting other communities’ resources in order to expand your own.

Build up your village

You’ll begin the game on a deserted island, where you’ll establish your settlement and begin constructing your first structures. You can construct buildings, statues, animal shelters, a tiny garden, and a traveling boat.

You will require a lot of cash in order to continue upgrading your village’s beauty and earning a large number of stars. Not in terms of gold, but in terms of stars, players’ wealth is measured.

When all the structures on an island are upgraded to a specific level, additional new islands become available.

Lucky wheel – Soul of the game

Coin Master’s primary feature is the fortunate wheel, which allows you to test your luck. Each time you shoot, you’ll earn gold coins, shields, and the ability to attack neighboring villages or take a friend’s money. Obtaining three coin or gold coin icons will reward you with a large sum of money, or you can obtain three hammers to attack a village. To obtain a shield that protects your village from other players’ attacks, you must obtain three consecutive shields. Obtaining the three pink pigs symbol, in particular, will enable you to rob other players of their money.

Pirates like a true pirate

The wheel of fortune is not the only method of earning money. Additionally, you can engage in player looting. Destruction of structures or simple robbery will assist you in becoming wealthy. Attack and demolish your enemies’ entire village, exact payback on those who attacked you, and reclaim what you have.

If you obtain the thunder hammer, you will destroy a structure in the enemy’s village and will be compensated accordingly.  If you obtain the pink pig, you will be able to take gold coins three times. This will result in substantial financial gain. Possessing three pink pigs is exceedingly challenging.

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Champion rankings!

Coin Master is an online game in which you must raid and loot other players’ villages from across the world. The game includes a list of the game’s most powerful Coin Masters, which you can add your name to.

MOD APK version of Coin Master

It will be uncomfortable to wait for the spin count to recover. That’s why the MOD version of this game was born.

MOD features

As mentioned from the beginning, the MOD APK version of Coin Master has 2 features.
Unlimited Money: You will have a lot of money to shop and upgrade your village.
Unlimited Spins: With unlimited spins, you will quickly destroy the villages of other players. And robbed them of so much money!

Download Coin Master MOD APK for Android

If you like to poke fun at friends, you can play Coin Master and invite your hater to play with him all day long and break his house for him. The game supports both Android and iOS platforms, players will have to connect to their Facebook account to play.

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