App Name Clash of Clans
Publisher Clash of Clans
Genre Apps
Size 172MB
Latest Version 14.0.12
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Update June 13, 2021

Because of its global popularity and impressive gameplay, the Clash of Clans game is certainly no longer a strange name for game lovers. You will be able to experience the management and make your establishment completely large and rich. In addition, there will always be battles breaking out in the game, and you will use the strategy to win based on the army you have. So train an army with impressive strength to overcome the enemy.


When experiencing Clash of Clans, players will become the takeover of an area with its inhabitants. Your job in this game is straightforward when you can find buildings that you can build inside this game. Over time, you will be able to upgrade them and expand your area by creating more structures to prevent your enemies from invading and destroying your facility.

The first factor that anyone who plays strategy games will be interested in is their resources inside this game. At the beginning of the game, you will be interested in two primary resources are Gold and Elixir. Specifically, to collect these two, you will need to build Gold Mine and Elixir Collector to produce Gold and Elixir for you after a certain amount of time. It is all done automatically.

Over time, a new resource will appear: Dark Elixir Drill and help you gain access to new characters appearing in current game versions. The game has two types of soldiers that can be purchased with Elixir or Dark Elixir. Therefore, you will need to consider the factors that suit your playing style to choose. In addition, in some cases, if the number of resources exceeds the storage threshold, then you will need to upgrade the building to take on the corresponding function to extend the resource collection limit.


In Clash of Clans, players will build their army and participate in different battles to get more loot. Specifically, after you get Barracks, your next job is to use your money to buy different types of troops. Later types of soldiers will need a specific condition to unlock, and they will undoubtedly consume more resources in the game to appear.

Once you have assembled an army, you can then go to the enemy area to spawn your minions and destroy enemy bases. But you won’t give orders completely continuously to let your units appear continuously because sometimes you will need to observe the map. Specifically, players or their enemies can build the defense building to protect the base from enemy invaders, so you will need to be careful when letting your troops appear.


In recent versions, new units have appeared before the player’s eyes, such as the destruction machines or the soldiers of Dark Elixir. Each troop has impressive skills that you will need to use appropriately. Precisely, any unit that dies will completely disappear, and you will need to use your resources to train a new army. In addition, new heroes also appear as a highlight in the game.

The difference between troops in Clash of Clans and heroes is the amount that you can own them in the match. You can have multiple troop units but can only have a minimum hero of one type. So, in this game, you can achieve a maximum of four types of heroes with entirely different skills. In addition, the stats of these heroes are completely impressive and can be seen as pioneers in battle and quickly destroy enemy buildings.


As noted above, these heroes have impressive stats, but it’s not easy to reach their full strength. So you’ll spend time figuring out how to upgrade these characters’ potential based on their attack characteristics and stats. Do not forget to update the new powers you can gain in this game because each update will have something new and awe-inspiring, like Heroes’ Pets.

Besides the Heroes that you can send to battle at any time, some impressive pets can appear and use their skills. Specifically, the new pets appearing in the latest update will accompany the heroes participating in the match to help the hero fight better. There will be four new pets and each pet has its own skill and stat that you will need to take care of as you will need to combine 1 hero and 1 pet when participating in battle.