Name Chronus
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Version 19.3.2
Size 16M
Requires Android
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Introduce about ChronusA widget application that merges all news into one location to help you save time and effort!Why do you need Chronus?As you are aware, there are hundreds...
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Introduce about Chronus

A widget application that merges all news into one location to help you save time and effort!

Why do you need Chronus?

As you are aware, there are hundreds of pieces of information that must be updated on a daily basis. If there was a technology that could centralize everything, sync them rapidly, and help you read what you need in a flash, that would be fantastic. And Chronus is the instrument capable of performing that miracle.

Chronus (Chronus Information Widgets), as the name implies, plays a significant role. This is a wonderful application that displays a wealth of relevant information on the same phone screen. One can see a great deal in one: The time, the weather, the stock market, the daily schedule, and the highlights.

Save time and effort

Thus, rather of reading a few newspapers or visiting a few websites for news during the day, Chronus provides you with more than enough of the day’s hottest brief news. And, instead of watching television or the weather forecast, you can also acquire all of this information in its entirety via Chronus. Additionally, there is no need for an alarm clock or a separate stock app, as Chronus is included. Chronus now has a wealth of additional information. Do you realize how much time and work you will save by searching for Chronus?

Chronus is integrating a variety of apps at the moment, including Flex, Flex Analog, news, and tasks. You have Yahoo, OpenWeatherMap, Weather Underground, and Norwegian MET for weather; DashClock for alarm clock; and a slew of other news apps. You no longer need to open numerous programs or single widgets; simply utilize Chronus. Everything will be aggregated and streamlined automatically as needed, and everything will be displayed on the home screen. Then you may rapidly update all pertinent information.

Update news with all information fully synchronized and with a more beautiful interface

Chronus, like other widgets, is extremely customisable and integrates seamlessly onto any Android home screen. However, Chronus is several times more streamlined for usage and data than other widget programs. Chronus, in particular, is capable of storing a large amount of data simultaneously. This capability is based on the capacity to aggregate multiple utilities on a single device with a common terminal processing system. As a result, each is updated in the most orderly, comprehensible, and comprehensive manner possible.

It includes numerous customization choices for the interface’s color scheme, organization, clock display, and positioning of other information. Each color tone and arrangement is easily customizable to the user’s mood, tastes, and habits. This is also a technique for you to boost your mood when glancing at the phone screen, particularly in the morning, when your mood is less than motivated to work.

Application for those who have poor memory

Chronus also has several useful extra functions, such as incoming message notice, new email notification, and missed call notification, which help minimize the possibility of missing critical calls or messages.

Chronus is, in many ways, the ideal application for forgetful individuals. It will be quite beneficial to you. Newsfeed includes an integrated RSS feed and a calendar that displays a list of forthcoming events from your device’s To-do-list applications. Ascertain that you do not overlook any things and that you maintain good control over your task.

Additionally, I appreciate the fact that while presenting notes and reminders, the app constantly emphasizes the most recent scheduled events with a larger font, typeface, and color. Even if you only peek at the phone screen, you can easily read these prompts. This design not only lists all of the day’s duties, but also emphasizes impending chores automatically. Now, even if you choose to forget, you will be unable to do so.

Instead of numerous standalone widgets, all back-end services will now be well optimized in a single widget. Chronus will save you time and effort while also reducing the likelihood of missing critical schedules and information.

You can also try other apps like One Shade and KWGT Kustom Widget Maker.

MOD APK version of Chronus

MOD feature

Pro Unlocked

Download Chronus APK & MOD for Android

What's Latest New Chronus

Version 19.1 - Android 12 (Part 2) - Background LocationRecent restrictions by Google to the foreground location access API is requiring us to switch back to using background location for geolocated weather updates. All users with geolocated weather enabled will be prompted to turn on the 'Allow all the time' location permission or switch to using a custom location. This fixes the weather not updating automatically on Android 11 and 12.

Chronus has more benefits than you think. Gathering all the necessary information in one place will help save you a lot. From there, you can track information more actively and work more efficiently. Those who are feeling overwhelmed by many small pieces of information every day can try Chronus. It will never disappoint you!

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