App Name Choices: Stories You Play
Publisher Choices: Stories You Play
Genre Apps
Size 80.8MB
Latest Version 2.8.5
MOD Info Immortal Character
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Update June 12, 2021

Choices: Stories You Play – Everyone has a life of their own, and apparently each incident. They all contribute to a complete story. Each person’s actions and decisions are different and will lead to an unpredictable future. Nowadays, there are many game makers who understand this exciting and varied game and have launched many products that simulate a person’s life. Everything expresses the complexity of life and the choices that affect the future of the individual.

Choose your drama story game

Choices: Stories You Play is a story collection game for many different people with fascinating genres such as romance, drama, horror and some other genres. You will live the life of someone you choose. Then try to make the right decisions to find love, maintain a job and live a simple life. Or even engage in a fantasy adventure to fight evil. Everything that changes in a person’s life is included in the game to enrich the player’s experience.

Many interesting categories for you to choose and play

Games like these are important for giving you the maximum experience in telling stories. It’s like you are writing a novel yourself. Whatever you want your life to look like, choose that. The love story is always the most choice of many fans. Because simply this category is extremely gentle, suitable for many different cases. Stories like this also often have episodes surrounding everyday life. So, players easily see themselves in it. Besides, some people also like their life is so dramatic, so they often choose stories like K-drama. The horror element received a lot of support and was always at the top of the selection of “Choices: Stories You Play”. In any case, the genres in the game will satisfy the entertainment hours of the player. It will help them temporarily leave real life.

Turning characters in the game into the player itself

This really makes the game like an RPG. However, there will be no fight scenes, just a story to be told. First, when you choose the story, you will receive a typical character. Often, it is the character that matches what has been reviewed previously by the author. However, players still have the right to customize the character to their liking. The facial features are the most concentrated. You will be able to change your hairstyle – hair color, the shape of the face, eye brown, even nose, and mouth, etc. Often people will design the most beautiful character based on their aesthetic. Sometimes, some gamers will build characters in the game identical to their appearance in real life. As for the body, you do not need to worry too much because the characters in the game often have beautiful bodies. If not influenced by the plot (for example, the main character is a fat girl who is alienated by friends) then everyone is fit. The clothes are also different from time to time but it will be changed to suit the situation.

Each story is composed by an author and collaborated with an illustrator. It is also important to choose according to the plot, besides, the author and illustrator are equally important. The game also has filters and essential information right on the poster for you to easily see. The animation style, drama main style, realistic style, … are all welcomed.

Choices will lead to different futures

Have you ever regretted a wrong decision in the past? Even it has long-lasting implications in the present. It’s correct!!! If you’ve had this, then you’ll see just how important life decisions are. Choices: Stories You Play presents the characters with situations and forces them to choose. There is no right or wrong choice. Choose whichever game the game will continue to play, however, it will affect the ending of the game. That is, if you choose a negative attitude at some point, it will lead to a bad ending. Often these bad endings will make up the majority of the game. If you get an unsatisfactory conclusion, you will definitely want to play the game again.

The appeal of the game lies in that, if you play again and choose differently than before, it will lead to situations that were previously unavailable. Those are the scenes that you have to go through. A story can contain many scenes and endings. If you love it, you can play until you meet all the scenes, enjoy all the endings and know how to behave for a good future.